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a momma and her baby...SOOC~Sunday


We have guests staying on our farm.  Our neighbor just to the North of us have horses and not sure the story behind why this young gal moved in there animals and all.  I do know that her horses are not kept out in the pasture with our neighbors horses.  They are tied up by the barn along the lane where there is nothing for them to barely eat.  The other day Jim walked over to talk to the young woman, and told her to picket her horses on our property.  The look on her face was the look of happiness.  Like I said I don't know her story or why her and her animals are living there, we thought having her picket her horses on part of our land would not be the worst thing in the world to do. 

One of her horses had a foal born this summer and they are neat to watch.  The foal is not tied up and is free to roam but stays right by her momma. 

It's wonderful living out in the country.  Life just can't get any better than this.

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