wordless wednesday~found baby possum
the many faces i come across in our ocooch mountains

what's been happening around the farm here

I finally finished the coneflower quilt that I started last October.  Wow, did I just say October?  Man, do I have a few UFOs to finish.  I've been sewing, and doing other things.  If I haven't been visiting much, I'm sorry...There is a lot going on right now and I'm trying to pop in on you all when I can.

Coneflower quilt

Our strawberries are continuing to bear fruit.  We pick at least this much every few days.

Full basket

We hull them, rinse them, and bag them up to put in the freezer to enjoy this winter.

Rinsing berries

For that strawberry shortcake that will taste soooooo good during the long winter months.  Until then, we'll just enjoy some fresh picked strawberries on our Multi Grain Cheerios.

Fresh strawberries on cereal

I'm still trying to get a few shots of the hummers that are visiting, they are just too quick.  Here's one from the other night out on the back deck.

Heading out

He's off...and he'll be back.