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tobacco barn in use~barn charm

While heading home on Sunday from Illinois we passed quite a few tobacco barns that looked like the farmers had gotten them ready to hang tobacco in them.  Then, we came upon this beauty, I whipped the car around to take some photos.  I didn't go on the property, I took photos from the shoulder of the road.  The farm house was on the other side of the road. 

Tobacco shed

With the doors to the barn open we could see the tobacco leaves hanging.

Hanging tobacco

If you look closely you can see the tobacco is fill all the way to the top of this barn.

Filled to the top

A side view of the barn without going on the property.  You can see the sides are open.  We had heard that every other board gets open on the barns.

Tobacco barn vented

A close up shot of the sides, again you can see how much the barn is filled with the tobacco leaves.

Open sides

Jim and I both remember growing up and driving through Wisconsin and seeing the tobacco barns just like this.