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dog days of summer....

Our Sadie on one of the hottest days we've had.  Too tired to move after panting all day trying to keep cool.

Dog days

Sadie is visiting her Minnesota "cousin" Mindy for a couple of weeks.  These two are best buds...It's so funny watching them together.

Sadie and mindy

It's going to be quiet here at Daily Yarns.  We are getting company this weekend and then we'll be leaving for Texas.  We are helping our 3 daughters move all their belongings down and we'll be gone for awhile.  So, the blog will be really quiet.

I'll catch up with you all when I get back and hopefully I'll have some awesome photos to share.

See you all soon.

being creative

Quilted purse

It's been so hot the past week to do anything but sit and do nothing.  I've managed tho to get a bag/purse made for myself.  This one will hold my camera as well as my wallet and whatever else I carry in my purse.  I'm not totally sure I like the cream color fabric, tho it's not too late to change it....I'm just too lazy to do it.

maybe this post will help you cool off a bit...

Well it's hot and everyone knows it's hot...So, I'm playing along with Di over at The Blue Ridge Gal, trying to cool off some.  Now, I know that some of you are not wanting winter to come and I have to say I'm not either...But, I need some relief from the heat.  Maybe not to the extreme of the photo below.

Snow blade

Jim and I...well mostly Jim did...shoveled off our pond.  It's nice to sit and listen to the sounds of the woods no matter if it's summer or winter.

Sitting back

Snow shoeing is something that Jim and I enjoy doing in the winter.  I am looking forward to doing it again.


Now, didn't this give you a bit of relief from the heat or did it just make you dread the thought that winter is just around the corner?

quilt blocks~barn charm

On our way to the pioneer village in May, we passed some really neat barns along the way.  I'm not sure what barns are called with quilt blocks on them.  This view is from the road so we decided to drive on in.

Quilt barn 1

This is another view as we turned on the the side road.

Quilt barn 2

and...This view is on our way out.

Quilt barn 5

There actually were a couple of other barns that I'll show another time.