i will...
an abandoned farm~barn charm

what our weekend was like...

We went to Minneapolis to pack the girls up.   Then we left the city to go to our daughters house for the night.

Getting the trailer ready

Tieing it down

I got bored along the way so I took a couple of shots of us.

Jim talking to his friend on the phone....

Driving and talking

...and...me in my shades.


We enjoyed the evening by listening to "Grandpa" tell a story.  The story was Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby.  Everyone gets into listening to his stories.  Some are made up and some are not like the Tar Baby story.

Telling stories

It can get pretty exciting not only listening but watching as well.

Tar baby story

His captive audience.

Loving the story

More listeners

Trish and i

Giving hugs before we go.


I just hate good-byes, but we'll be seeing them soon.