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the past and the future~barn charm

Past and future barn

Spied this barn in South Dakota.  There is just something not right about seeing a barn from the past, that looks like it's melting away and having these wind turbines popping up out of the ground all around it.

I'm not sure I like these wind turbines...they just seem eerie to me.  I know this is not the prettiest barn, but it just made me sad seeing it.  Are barns like this a thing of the past?


heading to school

We took a wagon ride out to the school house.

Getting on the wagon

Grandson Reese got to drive the team both ways.

Drving the team

Heading to the school

The schoolmarm awaits us.

The school marm

Class is in session.

Class in session

The older students

Oh no...Reese is in trouble for bringing a frog to class and scaring the girls with it...

Talking to the class his nose had to go on the X that was on the chalkboard.

Nose to the chalk

He was such a good sport and he promised never to bring a frog to school again.  The children got to ring the school bell, which they all loved.

Class dismissed

Class dismissed.

We had some excitement happen outside the school house...Stay tuned for that.

you and i

Jim sepia


when you hurt, i hurt

when you cry, i cry

when you smile, i smile

when you sing, i sing

when you feel, i feel

when you laugh, i laugh

when you love, i love

when you soar, i soar

when you heal, i heal


Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful, beautiful, husband.

heading to the barn at the ingalls homestead


Hearing that there were kittens in the barn had the grand kids scurrying to look for them...

Looking for kittens

and...find them they did.

Finding kittens

This one just settle right down in KC's arms.

Sleeping kitten

Such a tender side to this one who is "all" boy.

Big softy

I didn't mention, but I think by the photos you can see the kids dressed for the day in "prairie" clothes.  This place was also very hands on for children.  They really encouraged the kids to do things here and had lots of hands on fun for them to do. 

Still more to come.

visiting the ingalls homestead #1

Finally, I'm able to post about the Ingalls Homestead.  For a while there I thought that someone, somewhere didn't want me to post this.

Welcome sign

The prairie

Heading to the dugout house.


Let's go inside....

Dugout entrance

I can't imagine ever sweeping a dirt floor...Can you?

Sweeping the floor

I don't think it would be very easy to hang a picture on these walls.

Checking out the walls

The dugout house was small and I really couldn't picture myself living in one.  Maybe I'm a bit spoiled :)

a brick barn~barn charm

Brick barn

Over the weekend we were in Minnesota visiting our 4 daughters, son-in-law and the grand-kids.  Mr and I took the grand-kids and our 2 youngest to De Smet South Dakota for the day, to visit the Ingalls Homestead.  Along the way I spied a few barns of interest.  This one was made out of brick and I found this one in Minnesota.


update on the killdeer nest

We started out with 4 eggs.

Broken egg

Then two hatched leaving the other two yet to hatch.

Killdeer baby birds

The last didn't make it.

Baby bird killdeer

The lone baby.  They all seemed to vanish along with the broken egg shells.  Not sure where either of them went.

Lone baby

The nest is empty and the mama and papa killdeer are gone.  Maybe we'll see this again.