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Gate bottom


why did you do it?  

oh, to hurt so much.


would no-one listen to you? 

i would have listened to you.


did you think no-one cared?

i care.


what are you trying to tell us?

maybe someday we'll know.



"If love conquers hate, then I believe too that truth will win over lies"

author; unknown

an abandoned farm~barn charm

South dakota barn-1

I have again another South Dakota barn.  This one is a drive by, so sorry if it's a bit blurry.  This was an abandoned farm and tho there is nothing really standing out in the barn for me, the silo stood out. 

I'm linking with Tricia for Barn Charm.

what our weekend was like...

We went to Minneapolis to pack the girls up.   Then we left the city to go to our daughters house for the night.

Getting the trailer ready

Tieing it down

I got bored along the way so I took a couple of shots of us.

Jim talking to his friend on the phone....

Driving and talking in my shades.


We enjoyed the evening by listening to "Grandpa" tell a story.  The story was Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby.  Everyone gets into listening to his stories.  Some are made up and some are not like the Tar Baby story.

Telling stories

It can get pretty exciting not only listening but watching as well.

Tar baby story

His captive audience.

Loving the story

More listeners

Trish and i

Giving hugs before we go.


I just hate good-byes, but we'll be seeing them soon.

and the answer is....



and the winner is....Ramona


and...I just couldn't give just one away so I picked a consolation winner...Beth

Consolation winner

and...I couldn't stop at just two so I picked another winner...TexWisGirl

Second winner

Congratulations ladies...I need you to email me your snail mail to...


I'll get your syrup out in the mail on Monday.

I'll have you know that I didn't get it right away. 

Thanks for playing along!

here's a riddle for you


Can you guess this riddle?  If you can, there is a bottle of our homemade syrup as the prize for the one who guesses it correctly...and...If there are more than one right answer, I will put them in a hat and pick one.

This will end on Saturday morning June 25th so hurry up with your guess if you want a bottle of homemade maple syrup...and yes, I will ship internationally :)))

This was written on the chalkboard in the school house at the Ingalls Homestead.


eta: I'm going to keep the answers private for this...So if your comment does not show up it's because I have it on approval mode.

horse going down

While taking the picture of Reese at the school ringing the school bell, I heard some noise outside.  I turned to look and saw one of the horses going down.

Horse going down

Apparently the back left leg got caught up in a strap while trying to scratch or do whatever horses do with their legs while standing.  Mr, went over there to see if he could help.  The schoolmarm was looking for a number to call for help on her cell phone.

Helping the horse

He went over to help calm the other horse, as he was getting very nervous while the other horse was down.

Trying to get her loose

This man who was with our group had a pocket knife, so he cut the strap that tied the horse to the post.  The horse couldn't get up because the strap was too short for him to rear back and get up off the ground.  But, once the strap was cut he was able to get up.  Mr, still had a time keeping the other horse calm.

Cut loose

Hey, look down the road.  Is that help coming?

Here he comes

Why, it sure is...Help is on the way.  Only too late the horse is up and seems to be fine.

Help is on the way

Well, he didn't come for nothing.  The guy was able to get the strap fixed and checked out the horse to make sure she was okay to pull the wagon back.

Working on the horse

Now to hook up the team.

Getting the team ready

This could have turned into something pretty bad.

There is never a dull moment with us.

it's the first day of summer


Or in other words Summer Solstice.  I can't believe that today is the longest day of the year and from here on out the days are going to get shorter and shorter.

Mr made a clothesline for me and I've been waiting patiently to hang clothes out.  The weather hasn't been that great since he put them up. 

This is what our first day of summer looks like.