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visiting a pioneer village museum

We had a wonderful weekend, it was a quiet one just Mr and I.  We went to a BBQ and toured a pioneer village which actually is a museum.

Reading the sign

Blacksmith sign

You see the most interesting things sometimes.  You have to read the sign below, it explains the next few pictures.

Horseshoe sign

Horse shoe

Buried horseshoe

Other than visiting this museum, I worked on a quilt and Mr worked out in the yard.  It was an enjoyable productive weekend.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

chicago at your fingertips~SOOC Sunday

Walking through Chicago during my daughter Elaine's 30th birthday, we came up to the Chicago Tribune building.  It was so neat to see ourselves on the screen that looked like the front page of the newspaper.


Here we are...Can you see me taking the picture?


Like I've said before and I'll say it again...There is soooooo much to see in Chicago.

I'm linking with Jan over at Murreta 365 for SOOC Sunday.

i took a walk...

through our woods with Sadie.  Walking with Sadie is always fun, she always has to be ahead of everyone.

Always first

But, I take my time and stop occasionally to snap some pictures.

Opened up

We get a lot of deer coming through our woods.  Sadie loves sniffing the deer paths.

Checking out the deer path

Always ahead

Here she's wanting to possibly jump in the pond, but I say no way.

Can i go

So, instead of swimming, off she goes exploring.

Heading into the woods

While I continue to snap away.


Wild flowers

Heading back up to the house.

Back view

Not too many flowers in the woodlot.  Maybe on my next walk there will be some new ones.