they don't last long, so i just had to bring them in
contentment isn't getting what we want, but being satisfied with what we have

i took a walk...

through our woods with Sadie.  Walking with Sadie is always fun, she always has to be ahead of everyone.

Always first

But, I take my time and stop occasionally to snap some pictures.

Opened up

We get a lot of deer coming through our woods.  Sadie loves sniffing the deer paths.

Checking out the deer path

Always ahead

Here she's wanting to possibly jump in the pond, but I say no way.

Can i go

So, instead of swimming, off she goes exploring.

Heading into the woods

While I continue to snap away.


Wild flowers

Heading back up to the house.

Back view

Not too many flowers in the woodlot.  Maybe on my next walk there will be some new ones.