another ufo scratched off the list
should a person be allowed to have this much happiness and fun?

still needing some warm comfort food around here

A Christmas gift from our Texas kids.

Texas two step soup beans

This was a really tasty soup, that warmed us up on a cold February day.

Texas two step

February is gone and I'm not sure where it went.  The March winds will start to blow and hopefully it will blow the snow away. 

The deer are starting to move to the open areas for food, they must be wanting spring to be here as well.  I spied these guys on my way home from town.

5 deer

Then in the evening we saw as many as 25 deer feeding in the neighbors field.

Many deer

I want to share with you something of importance.  I received an e-mail a few days ago, it's about having a GPS in your phone and camera.  I think it's worth looking at.

You all have a wonderful day today.