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photo scavenger hunt

I'm ending March with a photo scavenger hunt.  I found this fun photo scavenger hunt.  I started doing February's hunt but the month just got away from me, so I made sure I did the March hunt.

First on the list was...A lion

Not too many lions roaming around the Ocooch Mountains, but I did find a few on the covers of two Golden Books that the grand kids love to have read to them.


A rainbow...No rainbows found here lately either.  So, when the granddaughters were visiting I had them draw me a rainbow.  It's hanging on my wall, so I can look at it anytime I want.


Something green...Not too much green yet around here.  But, I did manage to find some green moss while roaming the sugarbush.

Green moss

An empty chair is next on the list.  I saw this empty chair on our back deck after a light snowfall and thought how lonely it looked.  Then I thought about how I can't wait to be able to sit out on the deck in the evening and listen to the sounds of the woods going to sleep.

Empty chair

Something sentimental...This strawberry was given to me as a child by my Grandmother, who was very special to me.

Something sentimental

Peeling paint...The bench that sits on our front porch is not only green it is peeling.  I decided to go with the peeling paint, only because I couldn't find any other.

Peeling paint

A collection...I have a few collections.  But this is by far my favorite one...Sea Shells, and let me tell you I have quite a few.  I just wish I knew what to do with them.

Sea shell collection

A ring...I dug into my jewelery box and found this ring from my past.  I used to wear this ring all the time.  You can see how worn it is.  I believe this is made out of copper which I bought as a young teenager.


A fancy gate...This was by far the hardest hunt to find.  Living out here in the country there aren't too many fancy gates.  So, since this is farming country, I thought I would look for the fanciest "farm" gate.


Fancy gate

A shadow...While checking the sap buckets the other day I brought my camera along.  The evening shadow as the sun was starting to get lower in the sky.


Something as old as you...or rather "me"...I had help with this one, my sister gave me a few ideas.  Yes, that baby is me, in the baby book that is as old as me :)

Something as old as me

A lamb...This was another hard one, around here there are mostly cows.  Driving past this farm on my way to town I spied these lambs.  The farmer was outside and he said that they were indeed lambs.  They're not as cute as a newborn baby lamb, but they are lambs.


I hope you enjoyed my photo scavenger hunt finds.  I can't wait until the April list is posted.

new birth

Don't ya just love new birth of any kind...newborn babies, newborn kittens etc?  What about 2 day old calves?   New calves were born to the farm down the hill.

2 days old

Sleeping calf

Getting up

Twins were born to this protective momma.


The two new mommas,  one with maternal instincts, the other has none.

New moms with babies

The 3 were born last week in the pasture up on the ridge during a rain storm.

Cow on ridge

They had to be brought down to the lower pasture and brought into the barn to be milked, just until they were strong enough to be with the moms.

Lots of calves still being born and I enjoy seeing each and everyone of them.  Our neighbor Joe who owns this farm, invited us to bring the grand kids to see the calves.  We are having company coming tomorrow and we plan to hopefully fit a visit in. 

I hope Joe doesn't mind if I tag along :))))


visting a lock and dam

At the Mississippi river we stopped at a Lock and Dam.

Loc and dam

Driving into the parking lot, some guys were getting out of their truck with fishing poles, so of course we had to go check it out.  This reminded Jim of the piers down at Lake Michigan.


Watching the guys fish, a great blue heron flew overhead and circled around many times.  So, I just started clicking away.

Great Blue Heron Collage

When I uploaded my pictures onto the computer to view them, I couldn't believe this shot.  I actually had a few of these but picked the one I thought was the best.

Great blue heron

Have you ever seen a Great Blue Heron this close up?  Click the photo to see it better.

old tobacco barn for barn charm

Barn sign2

On our outing to the Mississippi river we passed by many barns along the way.  Most of the barns we passed were old tobacco barns.  Some are in pretty rough shape and falling down, and some like this one are used as billboards.  It seems that the growing of tobacco is a thing of the past here in Southwest Wisconsin.  All of the tobacco barns are no longer in use that we have seen.  I've yet to see any that are filled with tobacco or fields growing with tobacco.  I would love to learn more about this.


it sure seemed like a long winter

Amish buggies

Yesterday we took a drive out to the Mississippi river.  It felt so good to be out and about again after what seemed like a long winter.  Not too far from our home the Amish live.  I'm not sure, but I think there are a couple of communities, because I know there are two schools not far from each other.  But, that might be because the children walk to school.  Anyway, here the Amish were having church service.  I was able to get a shot of just a few of the buggies parked in the yard.  Notice the buckets hanging on the tree.  They're tapping their trees too.  We had seen quite a few yards with buckets hanging on the trees along the way. 


DSC_0067 891

DSC_0079 902

DSC_0102 925

A few more shots from our trip last year to Sanibel Island.  I don't think I've posted these before.  If I have, sorry for the repeat.  Plus I couldn't decide on one photo, so I did three...landing...taking off...and heading into the sunset.


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i love to...

Watch the birds at the feeder.  I got a kick out of this one the other day at the feeder.  No other birds were around and this beautiful woodpecker started eating.  It was like it was trying to hurry up and eat all the seed before the other birds came along.


Getting a seed

Then I saw this...checking to see if anyone else was coming.

Anybody coming

 What a wonderful way to spend my day...Bird watching :)


little cabin in the woods

Little cabin in the woods

I have to post a photo taken this winter.  Our spring just doesn't seem to want to get here anytime soon.  With nothing popping out of the ground quite yet, and the weather being pretty yucky, with cold wind and rain, I haven't been able to really get in any good picture taking time.  Plus we're still boiling sap and should be boiling well into next week. 

It's funny how you can see things in the winter that are hidden when all the trees are covered with leaves.  I never knew this cabin was there until I spied it one day when we were driving past it.  It looks like a summer place to me.  There's no driveway and  it's even equipped with an outhouse.