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we are now officially garbage pickers

layering and an award

First off the layering.  I took a free on-line class on layering and have been playing around a bit with my photo-shop.  I've never done anything with photo-shop other than touching up here and there.  I picked this photo of the cardinal that I've posted before only because the layering color I thought would go well with it.  I think I'm hooked.

Here's the after look.

Mrs cardinal-layering

Here's the before.  Pretty cool eh?

Mrs cardinal

Now, for the award.  My new found blogging friend Texwisgirl, awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award.  I found out some things about her and now I have to post 7 things about me.  I know some of you may have read these before, but I have some new blog readers who might not have.

Okay, here goes.


1.  I'm married to my High School sweetheart and we have 11 children...5 girls and 6 boys, eight are married and we just had our 21st grandchild.

2.  We recently moved here to Southwest Wisconsin from Northeast Illinois last August.  I love living in the country.

3.  I love Aprons.  Especially vintage ones.  I sew, knit, crochet, and I've just taken up quilting.

4.  I've always been a stay-at-home mom.  I started working outside the home before our youngest was born and I have worked off and on since then.

5.  I love taking pictures, and I take pictures sometimes of the oddest things....but, they make great shots.

6.   I'm going to be 50 years old this October.  I loved my 40's and I know my 50's are going to just as amazing.  If not better.

7.  I'm short...I'm only 5 feet 1 inches tall.  What I lack in height, I make up in feistiness.  Just ask my hubby :)

Now, I'm supposed to pass this on to other bloggers, but that is so hard to do.  So, I give it to all of my blog readers who either post a comment or visit anonymously.  Thank you for stopping by :)