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our weekend

We had the most beautiful weekend.  Of course I say that all the time :) 

We headed to town on Saturday.  We don't have the biggest town.  This is a view of one of the two "main" streets that the shops are on. 

We had some errands to run...Jim had to get to the transfer station to drop our garbage off (we don't have garbage pickup out in the country, so we have to recycle and bring our garbage twice a month)  I had to get to the block of the month...go to the post office, to send a package out to Switzerland...stop at the local Co-Op store...and...hit the yarn shop.  Together we wanted to stop at the local butcher shop.  This all had to be done by NOON.  Because that is when everything closes up.  All but the yarn shop, they are open till 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.

My town

When we got home we headed out to shovel off the pond, so when the grand-kids come on Christmas they can get out there and skate.  We noticed that the deer had been pawing at the ice to get some water.

Pawed ice

Jim definitely has done this before.  When he was young, they had a pond called the "big pond" just down the road from his house, where the neighborhood kids played hockey.

Shoveling the pond

Afterward, Jim made a chair in the snow where we sat and listened to all the noise the birds were making.  As we sat there, we could see the birds flying from tree to tree.

Sitting back


Now that all my Christmas gifts are made I started to work on something for myself.  I've been wanting to make a pair of mittens out of this book.

Mitten 27 cuff

I love weekends like this.  How was yours?

guard dog on duty

We have the most ferocious dog around, can't you tell?    Though most of the time she's sleeping, I do feel safe with her around when Jim's gone.  It's when she jumps up from a sound sleep and starts to bark and growl that sends my heart to my feet.  Always, it's for naught.  I'm guessing she is dreaming just before she wakes up barking. 

I bought Sadie a new bed the other day.  I was a bit hesitant doing so, as she chewed up the last one we bought her.  This is how you'll find her now, all curled up or stretched out over the edges.  I don't think she'll be chewing this one up.

Sleeping dog

I can't tell you enough or post enough about the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we get here in Southwest Wisconsin.  This sunrise was taken this week.

Pink sky

Christmas Eve is a week away.  Thimbleanna kindly reminded us that it's getting close.  Until someone actually put it down in writing, I kept thinking it was still a couple of "weeks" away.  But,  I'm in good shape.

Thanks for all the Christmas quilt love...I'll have to share with you my mistake while making it.  That tho is for another day.

You all have a super day!

christmas quilt/wallhanging

I finished the Christmas quilt that I made in the second class.  When I was looking for my fabric, I just fell in love with the cardinals.  I need to get Jim to make me something to hang these quilts on.  I have the wall space for it.

Christmas quilt

I'm done with classes right now until after the holidays.  My shopping is mostly done, just a few odds and ends to finish up on.  I can't believe that it's next week already.  It seems like we just moved here and Christmas seemed so far away.

Are you all ready for the "big" day?

winter off the ridge

Our youngest ended up having a "snow" day on Monday.  It wasn't snowing, I think the roads were drifting over in a lot of areas.  I never did hear why.  So, since Lo didn't have school, her and I headed to town.  I couldn't wait to see how the snow looked.


I had Lo drive so that I could not only take pictures, but also, so that she could get used to driving the hills.

Down hill

Snowy trees

Snowy pines

Heading back home.

Our road

Top of hill

A peek of home.

Hidden home

Home sweet Home!


Are you getting tired of snow pictures yet?  I promise my next post won't have any snow :)

after the storm

Yesterdays outside pictures. 

These photos are courtesy of Jim.  I stayed in the house where it was warm :)

Lo and Sadie playing on top of the piled snow.

Snow hill

Giving hugs...Sadie's going to miss Lo and Lo's going to miss Sadie.


A walk around our log home.

Home front


House corner

Back deck

Sadie girl

This morning cleaning up the driveway...After the plow came yesterday afternoon the snow still drifted over the driveway in some areas.  I can't wait until we can just clear out the driveway ourselves.


Early morning

Lo has a two hour delay this morning for school and I'm planning on heading to town to finish up the last of my Christmas shopping.  I can't wait to see what it looks like off the ridge.

You all have a wonderful day.

winter blizzard...trimming the tree...homemade pizza...all in one day

We knew the weather forecast was for a winter storm.  But, we should have taken a hint from all the birds that came to the feeders that it would turn in to an all out blizzard.



The trip to town was slow going.  But we made it there and back before the snow started.

Snowy road

After trimming the tree Jim, Lo and I took a walk in the storm.


Snow storm

Christmas lights

My favorite ornament.

Angel ornament

As always when it storms out I make homemade pizza.


Baked in our wood stove.

Cooking pizza

We have a warm home, full cupboards and spending time snowed in with loved ones.  What more could you ask for?

mystery solved

A commenter the other day revealed what "Tinks" was.  I laughed when I found out what it was.  I should have figured it had something to do with hunting, because it was hanging near the previous owners bow stand.  Thanks Barb H for letting me know.  Now I won't be wondering what in the world it was.  I was hoping that the story behind it was more of a romantic one, instead of  having to do with trying to lure the deer to come to their deer stand so they can end up in someones freezer.

Tinks scent

I've been gone a few days to Illinois to see our Grand daughters Christmas band concert.  Today's  the day our tree is finally going up as well as our Christmas decorations.  In the move I did get rid of most of my decorations.  I just had way too many and so I down sized. 

It's supposed to be freezing rain this weekend so Jim and I are venturing to town to get some supplies for the farm and for my baking.

are you negative yet?

Negative 3

We sure got there and this proves it.   Note:  I was not moving when I took these photos.  I took these on my way to work on Tuesday morning.  It was a might chilly out.

Cold morn

I just finished another hat.  Sure could use it on cold days like this...but...this hat I'm giving away.  It looks better on, then lying on the table like this.

Elaines hat

I can't wait to show you what I recieved in the Christmas apron swap I was in.   We plan to put our tree up on Saturday and do some Christmas baking.

What are you doing this weekend?  Anything interesting?

hitting a 50's diner

We had dinner in Madison at a 50's diner.  When I walked in, it felt like I should have had on, a poodle skirt, bobby socks and saddle shoes.  Along with my hair pulled back in a pony tail while chewing on gum.


Before sitting down in the booth, Jim picked out some songs on the  juke box.

Juke box1

We both had a cherry soda.  Jim had never had a cherry soda before, so he was in for a treat.  I wished they were served in the old soda glasses.  That's okay they still tasted great.

Cherry Soda1

Sitting there looking around the diner, it just seemed like we were back in the 50's.  Only we weren't dressed like it.  Coca Cola must have been "the" thing back then.

Counter 1

Diet coke1

Coca cola lunch box1

Penny candy is no longer a penny.

Candy 1

Don't you just want to hop up on one of these stools and order something?


It was fun and kind of felt like "date night" with the hubby.  Oh, and the food was good too!

This is definitely a place I will go back to....Only it's too bad it's an hour and a half away :(