it's a kung pao buckeroo holiday
i miss these

our weekend

We had the most beautiful weekend.  Of course I say that all the time :) 

We headed to town on Saturday.  We don't have the biggest town.  This is a view of one of the two "main" streets that the shops are on. 

We had some errands to run...Jim had to get to the transfer station to drop our garbage off (we don't have garbage pickup out in the country, so we have to recycle and bring our garbage twice a month)  I had to get to the block of the month...go to the post office, to send a package out to Switzerland...stop at the local Co-Op store...and...hit the yarn shop.  Together we wanted to stop at the local butcher shop.  This all had to be done by NOON.  Because that is when everything closes up.  All but the yarn shop, they are open till 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.

My town

When we got home we headed out to shovel off the pond, so when the grand-kids come on Christmas they can get out there and skate.  We noticed that the deer had been pawing at the ice to get some water.

Pawed ice

Jim definitely has done this before.  When he was young, they had a pond called the "big pond" just down the road from his house, where the neighborhood kids played hockey.

Shoveling the pond

Afterward, Jim made a chair in the snow where we sat and listened to all the noise the birds were making.  As we sat there, we could see the birds flying from tree to tree.

Sitting back


Now that all my Christmas gifts are made I started to work on something for myself.  I've been wanting to make a pair of mittens out of this book.

Mitten 27 cuff

I love weekends like this.  How was yours?