down the path in 2010

grand-kid love

Chocolate...YUM!   Don't ya just want to kiss that face?

Dirty face

I made all the little girls, 4 and under a tutu for Christmas.  This one put it on and only took it off when she had to leave to go home.


Making snow angels.

Making snow angels

Sledding on the snow piles.

R on sled

J on sled

Thanks for all the well wishes, I'm feeling better after a good night sleep and resting.  I'm so glad I only had to work on Tuesday.  I think I would have called in sick for the first time ever in my working life.

Lo and I will be taking the tree down tomorrow, along with the decorations.  Daughter Erin grabbed my camera and took some shots over Christmas.  I really liked this one she took.


It seems I just put the tree up and now I'm taking it down.  I have a question for you.

How long do you keep your tree up?