grand-kid love
it's starting out great...this new year is

down the path in 2010

Can you believe 2010 is ending?  I'm having a hard time believing it.  Seems like we were all wondering how to say it...Twenty-Ten....Two Thousand and Ten. 

Now we're on to 2011. 

Deer trail

I never thought that my life would turn out how it has turned out.  I never in my life, thought that I would ever move from my home area in Illinois, where Jim and I were born and raised.  Where we raised all our children, only to finish raising the last one in Southwest Wisconsin in the Ocooch Mountains. 

Our youngest, who has come to love this place we call home, will be leaving the coop towards the end of January, first part of February.  Lots of changes have occurred for us, good and bad, and believe it or not the changes have been good.

Be glad

                                    that you've walked

                                      in sunshine and rain,

Be glad

                               that you've felt

                                                 both pleasure and pain,

Be glad

                                  for the comfort

                                                   you've found in prayer,

Be glad

                                              for God's blessings...

                                                 His love and His care.

Helen Steiner Rice

Everyday I wake up and have to pinch myself.  Because I have a hard time believing that we live in such a on earth.  I'm not saying I live in the only beautiful, peaceful place on earth.  I'm saying, I live in one of them :)

I've re-discovered my love for knitting.  BTW, the socks I made for Jim, I made them from wool yarn.  The yarn is from sheep that was locally raised.


I've also acquired a new addiction and I've come to understand why people do this addiction.

Quilt blocks

I've found many new blogging friends in 2010, and I cherish each and every visit.  Not only from them, but from all of you who take the time to stop and visit my little space here.

I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year!