come on and take a ride with me as I head to work
we had dinner company

i couldn't sew a straight line

That was before I got this wonderful 1/4 inch presser foot.  Now my 1/4 inch seams are a 1/4 inch.  Who would have thought a presser foot could make me so happy.

1-4 inch foot

I have to show you something I found on Etsy that I just had to have cause it fit right in with our new log home.  A mason jar soap dispenser, isn't it just the cutest thing?

Soap dispenser

We had to get the rear brakes fixed and the dealer could do it but it would have cost us quite a bit.  Asking around we found someone who does them on the side.  So, in the morning we dropped the van off and by the afternoon it was done.  You can tell we live in a small town that has small town thinking.  Because when we went to pick it up, the guy/mechanic wasn't going to be there.  He left the van key in the van and told us to leave the money in his truck on the dashboard.  The truck was parked next to a garage that was located down the road from where we picked up our van.  The windows were wide open and Jim put a rock on the envelope so it wouldn't blow away. 

Where was the guy/mechanic? 

He was out in the field cutting corn. 

I just love it here!!!


You all have an awesome day!