how i spent my day~part 2
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how i spent my day~part 3

Driving back home we saw a sign about caverns.  So, we whipped around and drove what seemed like forever.  We almost drove past the entrance because it was getting covered up.


The road

It was a narrow road heading into the place and I hoped we wouldn't pass a car.  The road wasn't wide enough for two cars to even pass.


Something just didn't seem right to us.  There were no cars in the parking lot even tho they weren't closed yet according to the sign, and the picnic area was all grown in and not cared for at all.

Picnic area

Picnic tables

The entrance didn't look quite right either.  That too looked a bit grown in, as well as the path leading down.



The path took us to the entrance to the cavern or at least where you paid for the tour.

Cavern entrance


But it was closed....hmm...What's going on here?  We thought we just missed the last tour.  But who was taking the tour?  There were no cars in the parking lot.  So we headed back out.


Driving away we saw a small sign that said that they were CLOSED because the guide had injured his back.  Oh well, hopefully he gets better because we want to go back there someday.

The rest of my day was spent relaxing.  Then we went to town for dinner at an Italian restaurant.  It's such a small world.  The owner is originally from Chicago and raised his family about 15 minutes from our Illinois home.  Only to relocate to this area.  I can't tell you how many people we've talked to who are from the Chicagoland area.

Have a wonderful day!