deep in thought

could it be i've been a tad too busy lately?

I've mentioned that I have a few things going.  Well, this is one of projects that I was excited to do.  Only thing I had to wait until October 1st to do it, because that was when the class started.  Funny thing is, I showed up for the class on Saturday October 2nd.  I kept thinking the class was on Saturday even tho I knew October 1st was a Friday.  HELLO JUDY!!!!  The class instructor who just so happened to be the owner was kind enough to give me a one on one lesson.

This was the first part of the wall hanging that I did in my "private" class :)

I was really excited for this project as it has my favorite flower on this piece.

Stencil 1

Before the next class I have to finish the other two stenciling.  I started by layering one color on first and continued layering until I had all 4 colors on.


Layer 2

Layer 3

Here is the finished stenciling.

Stencil 2

Finally the third stenciling.

Stencil 3

I'm half done with the wall hanging as far as stenciling goes.  The second class will be to stencil the bigger coneflower that will go on the right side of the fabric.

3 stencils

I can't wait to finish this and get it quilted so that I can hang it up.

I just hope that I won't forget to go to the second class :)

You all have a splendid day today.