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a frosty morn

I woke up yesterday and thought we had a light dusting of snow on the ground.  It wasn't snow, it was a heavy frost.


Frosty leaf

This little one looked cold sitting there on the railing.

Little birdie

Jim left this morning for Illinois to work on a big job.  Lauren's gone for the weekend and I'm HOME ALONE.  I've got lots of sewing to keep me busy and I can work on those socks I'm knitting.  Which by the way are coming along just nicely.  I totally understand how to knit the heel by doing a trick I was taught.

I hope you have a good weekend.



a free spirit


That's what I am.  At least according to Dave Ramsey I am.  I had heard about Dave before but never really looked into it.  Then one of our sons who does the Dave Ramsey "how to get out of debt", got me really interested in him and then I got Jim interested in him.  So, we are taking the 13 week class and every Monday afternoon we take a drive just as the sun is starting to set.

Setting sun

I like the idea of being debt free.  With the economy the way it's been and our business took a little bit of a hit because of it, it's gotten us a bit worried and who isn't right?

One way to save money is live 10 miles from town.  We used to go out to eat quite a bit living in Illinois.  But, now that we live 10 miles from the nearest restaurant and further yet from the ones we're used to, we've been saving a lot in that department.

After reading Beki's post today at artsy-crafty babe, it has really gotten me to think about my perspectives.  Since moving out here and really since we started taking this class my perspective on life had started to change.  Moving out here we wanted to simplify our life and we most definitely are on the path to doing that.


I've found out that I'm a free spirit but I've also found out that my family, my faith and my friends mean more to me than anything.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today.

Blessings from the free spirit,


i've got yet another addiction

Thanks for all the help yesterday ladies...You all ROCK!  I decided to go with a tablecloth.  So when I picked out my batting I got a thinner batting.  Last night I put the borders on and now it's all pinned and ready to quilt.  That will be done next week and I wish next week was here.  I really have enjoyed quilting this.  I mentioned last night at class that I thought quilting was addicting.  The instructor informed me that it was...Boy, am I in trouble then :)

All pinned

Those high winds were something else yesterday.  I take the back roads to get home when I'm in town and yesterday was no different.  Except I had to dodge many small tree branches that had blown down.

Broken branches

The more I drove the more branches that were on the road.


I'm driving along with the camera on my lap and out jumps a deer right in my path.  Luckily for the both of us I wasn't going fast and that was because I was dodging all the branches.


Jim mentioned too that he hasn't been walking the dogs in the woods during the high winds.  He was afraid of branches coming down and hitting them.  This huge branch came down and another big branch is down in the woods.

Broken limb

If you have experienced those high winds the past few days I hope everything is okay.  It's quiet here now and I never realized how much I like the quiet.

You all have a wonderful day today.



batten down the hatches

Are you experiencing high winds in your areas?  We have such strong winds here that I'm surprised I'm even able to post pictures.  Usually if the weather is bad the internet doesn't work.

Enough on the weather tho.

Since I'm such a new quilter and there's so much I don't know, I signed up for a beginners quilting class where we are making a wall hanging.  I thought if I'm going to learn this right I better start at the beginning.  Since fall is my favorite time of year I picked fall colors.  There are 5 ladies in the class making the same pattern and each one is different.  I'm not sure if I'll make this a wall hanging or a small tablecloth and I need to decide by tonight.

Rail fence top


I'll leave you with this question.

Wall hanging or tablecloth?

Have an awesome day.



looking for a beaver dam

The owner of the quilt shop where I took the painting class lives not far from us.  She was telling me that her husband found a dam that the beavers had made.  I asked if she minded if we took our grand-kids to see it and of course she didn't, so we went hunting for it.

Taking the path

By the beaver dam

Beaver dam

Jim thought if there's a beaver dam there had to be a beaver house.  We found the path that the beavers took to get to the water.

  Beaver path

They looked for the beaver house but found none.

Looking for the beaver house

Shar, the owner of the quilt shop has two driveway entrances.  The low one is the original one.  She told me many times they had to wait on the road for the water to recede some so that they could pass safely.  Not much later after moving in they had the bridge built.

Two drives

You can see here the debris that is left from when the water flowing through was high. 


Off we went to Culver's for a treat taking the low road out.  At Culver's we got to see Lor at work.

Hope your week is going well.



planting trees

We had an awesome weekend with our daughter and the grand-kids.  We had 100 Douglas Fir trees delivered when they came.  So, Jim and the kids planted them. 

I almost forgot to take pictures so I took the long trek out to where they were planting them.

Planting trees

Sadie came running when she saw me coming.

Ears back

That sure doesn't look like 100 trees does it?


KC posed when she say me snapping the picture.


Pounding the stakes is a big job.  We can't have those trees getting stepped on.

Pounding the stakes

Here, big Sister is directing where the water should go.

Watering the trees

So, in about 7-10 years these kids can come back and cut down a Christmas tree.  It takes that long for them to be ready.

We really had a wonderful visit.  The weather was great and it didn't rain until the day they left.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.



sock knitting and birds

Do you ever sit down to do a post and the pictures you want to post just don't go together? 

Once again I am trying to knit a pair of socks.  For some reason I have trouble with the heel or for that matter just knitting "a" sock...SO...I decided to take a sock class over in the next town, and guess what I did.  I forgot about the class...I didn't show up...I missed the first class...I'm telling you I think I'm losing my mind.  I called up the shop and the owner who is the nicest young lady and I say young because she's waaaaaaaaaaaaay younger than me :)  Anyway, I went to a morning knit-a-long last friday and I got the pattern and she started me on the sock.  Not that I needed help getting started, the help I need is when I get to the doggone heel.  We'll see how this sock goes eh?

Chicago sock

I love bird watching.  I love to sit by our patio window and watch to see what types of birds will come to the feeder.  I filled the feeder up sometime in August and would you believe that we had no birds come to the feeder for about a month.

On my day I mentioned that I was bird watching.  While I was sitting there, along came a bird I hadn't seen yet since moving here.  Well the other day I was able to snap a picture of it, and lo and behold it looks like it was an Eastern Bluebird.

Blue bird

As always the Black-capped Chickadee's are regulars at the feeder.


This Hairy Woodpecker was eating the seeds on the deck that the messy blue jays scatter around.  I almost had him before he flew away.

Too fast

Speaking of birds.  One of our hens laid an odd looking egg.  This egg has no shell.  Any of you chicken owners out there have any ideas as to why this happened?  I would love any ideas...Thanks!

Odd egg

Company coming today.  So it's going to be busy around here for the next few days and then we head to Illinois after they leave to get some things out of our house.  Because the new owners are moving in.

You all have a wonderful weekend and if you don't see me here the next few day...I'll see you next week.



how i spent my day~part 3

Driving back home we saw a sign about caverns.  So, we whipped around and drove what seemed like forever.  We almost drove past the entrance because it was getting covered up.


The road

It was a narrow road heading into the place and I hoped we wouldn't pass a car.  The road wasn't wide enough for two cars to even pass.


Something just didn't seem right to us.  There were no cars in the parking lot even tho they weren't closed yet according to the sign, and the picnic area was all grown in and not cared for at all.

Picnic area

Picnic tables

The entrance didn't look quite right either.  That too looked a bit grown in, as well as the path leading down.



The path took us to the entrance to the cavern or at least where you paid for the tour.

Cavern entrance


But it was closed....hmm...What's going on here?  We thought we just missed the last tour.  But who was taking the tour?  There were no cars in the parking lot.  So we headed back out.


Driving away we saw a small sign that said that they were CLOSED because the guide had injured his back.  Oh well, hopefully he gets better because we want to go back there someday.

The rest of my day was spent relaxing.  Then we went to town for dinner at an Italian restaurant.  It's such a small world.  The owner is originally from Chicago and raised his family about 15 minutes from our Illinois home.  Only to relocate to this area.  I can't tell you how many people we've talked to who are from the Chicagoland area.

Have a wonderful day!