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sock knitting and birds

Do you ever sit down to do a post and the pictures you want to post just don't go together? 

Once again I am trying to knit a pair of socks.  For some reason I have trouble with the heel or for that matter just knitting "a" sock...SO...I decided to take a sock class over in the next town, and guess what I did.  I forgot about the class...I didn't show up...I missed the first class...I'm telling you I think I'm losing my mind.  I called up the shop and the owner who is the nicest young lady and I say young because she's waaaaaaaaaaaaay younger than me :)  Anyway, I went to a morning knit-a-long last friday and I got the pattern and she started me on the sock.  Not that I needed help getting started, the help I need is when I get to the doggone heel.  We'll see how this sock goes eh?

Chicago sock

I love bird watching.  I love to sit by our patio window and watch to see what types of birds will come to the feeder.  I filled the feeder up sometime in August and would you believe that we had no birds come to the feeder for about a month.

On my day I mentioned that I was bird watching.  While I was sitting there, along came a bird I hadn't seen yet since moving here.  Well the other day I was able to snap a picture of it, and lo and behold it looks like it was an Eastern Bluebird.

Blue bird

As always the Black-capped Chickadee's are regulars at the feeder.


This Hairy Woodpecker was eating the seeds on the deck that the messy blue jays scatter around.  I almost had him before he flew away.

Too fast

Speaking of birds.  One of our hens laid an odd looking egg.  This egg has no shell.  Any of you chicken owners out there have any ideas as to why this happened?  I would love any ideas...Thanks!

Odd egg

Company coming today.  So it's going to be busy around here for the next few days and then we head to Illinois after they leave to get some things out of our house.  Because the new owners are moving in.

You all have a wonderful weekend and if you don't see me here the next few day...I'll see you next week.