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the fat quarter pumpkin

(aka-toilet paper pumpkin)

I'm going to try and do a tutorial of this.  I think I have only done one other tutorial in my blogging life.  I have to show you this cute pumpkin made out of a roll of toilet paper.  I was shown this when I went to get my 3rd block for the block of the month that I'm doing.

Toilet paper pumpkin

Here are the materials that you will need.

  • Roll of Toilet Paper
  • Fat Quarter
  • Scrap Batting...I cut the batting just a bit smaller than the fat quarter.
  • Brown Paper Lunch Bag
  • Silk Leaves "to dress it up".


Lay out the fat quarter and lay the scrap batting on top.  Place the roll of toilet paper in the middle then wrap the fabric and batting around the roll and tuck it down in the middle of the roll.

Wrapping the pumpkin

It should look like this when it is done.

Pumpkin base

I folded the paper bag in half so that the stem would be a bit shorter and I twisted it.

Pumpkin stem

Then you stick the stem in the middle of the roll of toilet paper.

Placing the stem

You then add the silk leaves to dress it up.  I added real leaves from my yard as I didn't have any silk ones on hand.  I'll keep the real ones in until they dry up and don't look as nice.

Orange pumpkin

Aren't they cute?  They are too easy and quick to make.  I ended up making 4 of them, I thought they were just darling to decorate my home with.

Toilet paper pumpkins

How's that for a tutorial?  If you end up making any let me know so I can see yours if you have a blog.

We had a really nice weekend and there is so much to show you, so stay tuned.

We are supposed to be getting our wood stove installed today...bring on the cold weather.

You all have a wonderful day today.