how does one keep the grandkids from getting lonesome?
deep in thought

taking the dogs for a walk

Jim usually takes the dogs for a walk alone in the mornings and Lauren and I started joining them in the evenings.

Going for a walk

We can't let Jake's dogs off leash, we are worried that they'll take off and not come back.  All three know that Sadie isn't on leash and it just bugs Reba and Shelby to no end.  Sadie on the other hand just eats it up.  Funny how dogs aren't too different from kids.

Sadie in the lead

We walk down this road that runs along side of our property which we call "The Lane".  The lane is more like an access road to all the people who own land behind us. 

We have many butterflies which I recently found out are called Sulphurs.  It almost looks like it's snowing.  Sadie tries to catch them.

Catching butterflies 

The trees are the backside of our property.  The neighbor down the road farms the hay field there behind our property.

Back of property

The other night we took our walk and headed deep into the woods.


Getting tangled

Someone has a place at the end hidden in the woods.  There is no house just a garage and some gardens.

End of the road

Windmill bottom

It's a cute little spot at the end of the lane.  We really get a work out walking back in the woods.  It's not a flat straight walk, it's up and down the whole way there and back.

Lots going on this weekend.  Jason and his family are here now, and most of the family is coming this Labor day weekend.  I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day.