the fat quarter pumpkin
bethel chapel 1880

down a country road

Saturday we took a drive north and headed to Amish country.  The roads were busy with buggy and wagon traffic.  Check out my photo blog, I have posted pictures there as well.

Amish buggy

Buggy traffic
It was laundry day and I loved the laundry on the line.  The whites are on a line that are way up in the air.  It appears that they are on a pulley system.

Amish clothes line

A beautiful Amish farm.

Amish farm

This was a neat way to dry the corn stalks.

Amish yard

We stopped in a gift shop that specialized in Amish made items as well as other items.  The shop owner wrote a book and I talked to her a bit about the Amish.  She and her husband grew up amongst the "Old Order Amish".  I asked her about the photos for sale in the shop and if they didn't want their picture taken how come there were many pictures of them for sale.  She stated that yes no pictures were allowed especially if you were on their property.  But, if you saw them working in the field for example, you could take a quick picture because their reasoning was this...That the picture would in a sense be more about the scenery than them.

I did buy her book and it was an easy but interesting read.

Hope you all enjoyed the ride with us through Amish country.