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the sun goes down on 32 years

Sun setting

Last year on our 31st Anniversary...I would never have guessed that we would be living in Southwest Wisconsin...and on our 30th Anniversary...I would never have guessed that we would go from having 14 gandchildren to 20 grandchildren. 

Not doing too much this year to celebrate.  Going out for dinner and getting ready to stain the outside logs this weekend.  Corry asked...Do you ever sleep Judy?  I laughed when I read that.  I do sleep, but it probably doesn't seem like that to you dear readers.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today.  I plan to enjoy the day with my dear husband.



life goes on

Jim power washed and I scraped all the sap off the logs getting them ready to stain this weekend.  A couple of the boys are coming up to help.  I think we'll be able to get it done this weekend.  I bought this rain coat last weekend and boy am I ever glad I did.  It was like working in the rain :)  I wore a hooded sweatshirt underneath and for a cheap rain coat it worked pretty good.

Power washing

I've been doing some sewing.  I actually have a few things going at once.  I'm waiting for a 1/4" foot that I ordered for my machine.  I can't wait to get it, maybe now I'll have exactly 1/4" seams.  I'm making a new ironing board cover.  The one I have now is who knows how old.  My ironing board was my grandmothers and the cover maybe as well.

Quilting squares

I picked up the needles last night while relaxing after dinner.  I started on something quick and easy.  I've been wanting a pair of fingerless gloves that are a bit thicker than the ones I already have.  Winter is fast aproaching.


I hope you all have been having a good week?

You all have a wonderful day today.



busy as always

This is what Sunday morning was like as we headed out to meet our son, dil and the grand kids for breakfast.  A beautiful fog in the valley.


We love seeing our grand-kids and the 2 hour drive was worth it.

Grandpa with the grandkids

The grandkids

We got home and Lauren had to head out almost right away to her new babysitting job.  She also got a job at Culver's and starts there today.  All the nieces just love Auntie Lo.

Auntie lo

Sunday evening I made an apple crisp in our new wood stove and it was de-lish!  There sure is a lot to learn cooking with a fire.

Baking apple crisp

We had such a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends. 

My friend Angie has a blogging friend who is in need of prayers.  Beth is batteling cancer.  I don't know Beth, but I wish I did, she sounds like a wonderful person.  I want you all to say a prayer if you could, not just for her, but mostly for her family and friends who are trying to deal with it all.  Thank You!



i think i'm going to make this an annual thing

We headed North to Cranberry County.  It was Cranberry Festival in Warrens Wisconsin.

At the festival

Friends Geo and jim We met up with some very dear friends and some of their family.  

The ladies went shopping...I had no idea what this Cranberry Festival entailed.  There were 850 crafters selling their goods. 


That's not counting the 350 flea market booths and the 100 farm market vendors.  If you got hungry, which we did, there were 100 food vendors.


I did find a few things and there were some things that I would love to have gotten.

Like this metal coneflower that someone made.  I could see this piece standing tall in my garden though, I just couldn't get past the price of $898.00.

Metal coneflower

Before we left they talked us into having a famous Cranberry Cream Puff.  Well, they didn't have to talk very hard to get us to try one.  These are out of this world.

Cream puffs

A perfect way to end a perfect day.

Cranberry cream puff

I hope your weekend was as sweet as this.

You all have a sweet day today.



the little red barn

Here's another old building that we drive past everytime we leave the ridge.  It's a small barn that sits right smack on the side of the road.  The house on the property is still being lived in, but there's no one home in this little red barn. 

Old barn

The coral area is so small that I'm guessing they didn't have too many animals on their farm.


The grasses are tall and I can't wait until the snow flies to take some pictures of this little red barn that has found a place in my heart.

Old barn 3

Because, I can't drive by this little red barn and not look at it.  I try to picture in my mind what life was like when this litte red barn was a home to an animal or two.

Why do old buildings do that to me?  Do they do that to you?



a mish mash kind of post

The wood stove came and we had our first fire.  Not the kind of fire you'd enjoy, because it was pretty warm outside.  But we still had to have a fire.

Fire box

Ain't she a beaut?  We can not only heat the house with it, I can cook a full turkey in the oven.  Plus all the trimmings on the top.  When I saw this stove I fell in love with it.  So now when the snow flies, and we get snowed in, and the electricty goes out, we not only won't freeze, we won't starve.

Cook stove

Speaking of turkeys, I took the long way to town yesterday and found what I thought were wild turkeys at first.  But, after I uploaded my photos on the computer Jim and I  figured out that they were wild guineas.  Never saw a guinea before.  There are lots of wildlife here that I've never seen before.

Flock of guinea

This area is full of either cows or horses and I just love seeing them.


A cemetary that I've passed a few times.  I finally stopped to take some pictures.

Open gate

Daughter Rebecca came in last night.  She drove through some rain and even had to be re-routed because of some flooding in Minnesota.  But, she made it and it'll be fun visiting with her.

We have a surveyor coming to survey not only our property, but the place that sold to the south of us.  Jim talked to the buyer and he's from Iowa and has lived here about a year.  He wants to run a few head of beef like we do.  Sounds like he and his wife will be good neighbors :)

I told you it was a mish mash kind of post.  No rhyme or reason.  That's okay it just might be that kind of day.

You all have a wonderful Friday.



bethel chapel 1880

Down the road there is this rundown building.  It's actually a chapel from 1880.  I've been wanting to stop and take pictures of it, so on Sunday we did.

Bethel chapel



Side window

Jim took a peek inside and told me to come on and take a look.


So let's go inside and take a peek shall we.


I wanted to cry when I saw what I saw.

Alter area

Inside looking out

Inside front

Light fixtures

There's just something about seeing this that makes me sad.  How can a building or worse yet a church get like this?  It makes me wonder where all the people who used to go to church here are.  Why did they stop going?  So many questions.


If only walls could talk.