deep in thought
how does one keep the grandkids from getting lonesome?

still busy on the farm

I got over my nervousness and just jumped in and started a weaving project.  I first had to figure out what I wanted to make, after that was out of the way I had to order some yarn.  I was so pumped that a warping board was included with the loom I bought.  I didn't have to have Jim make one for me.

The warp

This is where I'm at right now with the project.  My warp chain waiting to be sleyed through the reed.

Warp rope 

Friday Jim went back to Illinois for business so Lauren and I went to town.  We walked the streets looking at what the town has to offer in the way of shops.  I did find a scrap booking shop, a quilt shop, a yarn shop a book store, and a few coffee shops/restaurants.  What more could I need right?

Main and church 

We have a quaint old library and I got a new library card.  I remember fondly of the library I went to as a child.  I used to take my older kids there, and it smelled the exact same as I remembered.  Funny how smells stick you with you. 

I had to stop at the post office to mail something.  I felt I was walking back in time when I went in there.  The photo from my previous post is of the bench in front of the post office.

Jim and Lauren did yard work on Saturday.

Dumping grass

Lauren on tractor 

The hens are still doing good and so far not a one has been breakfast, lunch or dinner for the hawks or any other predator.  Here Buffy is taking a dust bath.  I just love watching them do this.

Dust bath

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.