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how does one keep the grandkids from getting lonesome?

By keeping them busy.

The Minnesota grandkids stayed with us while their parents went on a 10th Anniversary trip.  We took the kids to a petting zoo.


Feeding the goats 

They seemed to enjoy it and even Lauren had fun.

Feeding the llama 

The little piggies were cute.  This little guy is actually full grown.


Not a bad way to spend the day.

Relaxing goats

Getting company this morning, my SIL and her sister are heading this way to visit their dad who lives north of us.  I better get moving.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.



still busy on the farm

I got over my nervousness and just jumped in and started a weaving project.  I first had to figure out what I wanted to make, after that was out of the way I had to order some yarn.  I was so pumped that a warping board was included with the loom I bought.  I didn't have to have Jim make one for me.

The warp

This is where I'm at right now with the project.  My warp chain waiting to be sleyed through the reed.

Warp rope 

Friday Jim went back to Illinois for business so Lauren and I went to town.  We walked the streets looking at what the town has to offer in the way of shops.  I did find a scrap booking shop, a quilt shop, a yarn shop a book store, and a few coffee shops/restaurants.  What more could I need right?

Main and church 

We have a quaint old library and I got a new library card.  I remember fondly of the library I went to as a child.  I used to take my older kids there, and it smelled the exact same as I remembered.  Funny how smells stick you with you. 

I had to stop at the post office to mail something.  I felt I was walking back in time when I went in there.  The photo from my previous post is of the bench in front of the post office.

Jim and Lauren did yard work on Saturday.

Dumping grass

Lauren on tractor 

The hens are still doing good and so far not a one has been breakfast, lunch or dinner for the hawks or any other predator.  Here Buffy is taking a dust bath.  I just love watching them do this.

Dust bath

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.



i think i've got myself a farm girl

Our youngest is really enjoying living here in Southwest Wisconsin on Gentle Hearth Farm.  She chased this chicken around until she caught it just so she could hold it.

Farm girl 

We had a blast with the grand kids and photos will follow.  I took lots of pictures of the fun things we did.  On Wednesday Lauren and I drove them back home to Minnesota so that they'd be home when their mom and dad got home from the airport.  They all tried to stay up to wait for them but they just couldn't make it.

Lauren and I stopped at a few places, more like I stopped :)  I went to the yarn shop where I bought the yarn for my sweater and picked up a skein just in case.  I was too pumped, the shop owner had some weaving supplies, so I picked up a few things.  I can't wait to start weaving now.  I dreamt about it all night long.

We stopped and had lunch with Becky and Erin.  Erin only had a half hour for lunch but it was nice visiting with her even if it was for a short time and Becky didn't start work until 4:00 so it worked out perfectly.

When we got back home the farmer who farms our land came and baled the hay they had cut.  Jim was too pumped the farmer who's name is Bob stopped and told Jim to hop on up.  So all evening long Jim rode with Bob while he baled the hay.

Making hay

Riding along 

Check out that smile.

All smiles

Hay bale 

They baled hay until it was done. 

Working in the dark

Jim came in all smiles.  He really enjoyed the ride and visit with farmer Bob.

I hope you all are doing good and that you have a wonderful weekend.



born to be free

The day has finally come when we've set the hens free.  They are now officially free range chickens.  Not that they weren't before, it's just now they can roam all over the place.

Being set free 

They weren't sure what to do and they stuck by each other.

Outside the coop

Jim picked up Buffy and tossed her out into the field.


Sylvia and buffy

Hazel 2

Buffy and Bev 

We have hawks here and we were a bit worried about that, and right away we heard one up in the sky.  The hens took cover in the tall grass and trees.  I don't think we have too much to worry about that.  Their instincts took over.

Free range

This spring we are planning to get more chicks.  In that batch I want my rooster.  So, the next project will be to make a bigger chicken coop.

We have had a busy time with the grandkids.  Today Lauren took them to the town pool to swim.  Tomorrow it will be closed for the season.  While they were gone that was when we set the hens free.

Now it really feels like a farm with my hens roaming free.


don't pinch me, i don't want to wake up

I just can't believe what has been happening lately.  As you all know from the previous post I started knitting again on the sweater I'm making for myself.  Well, to make a long story short, a mouse...yes a mouse somehow got into our house in Illinois and chewed on some of my good yarn...GASP!!!!!  I know, I know, my heart skipped 10,0000 beats when I found the evidence.  The little bugger also chewed on the yarn that I was knitting my sweater with.  Luckily he didn't chew what I had already knitted.  Anyway back to my story.  I decided to check out the yarn shop in town to see if I could get one more skein just in case I ran a little short, since the little bugger did some damage to the skein.  Talking to the owner at the counter I spied an ad...For Sale 4 harness Kessenich Loom.  After inquiring about the ad, the owner gave me a copy of it.  I couldn't get home fast enough to give the lady a call.  Yes!!!!  She hadn't sold it.  The seller didn't live too far from us, so Jim and I took a ride through the country, and after looking at it and talking with the seller I bought myself a weaving loom.  It is a Kessenich Loom from the 1950's and they were originally made in Wauwatosa Wisconsin.  They are now made in Michigan.

So, here it sits in my living room.  It actually looks very nice there.  I need to do a little bit of cleaning on it, but it's in great shape.

1950s loom 

And with it came some goodies.

Weaving books and supplies

Renee had asked if I plan to do anymore weaving and yes I do, only I wasn't going to buy a new loom as they can be quite expensive.  I've had my eye out for a used one and so did the instructor I took the weaving class from.  

Now, I have lots of reading and learning to do and I can't wait to get started.

I don't know how much I'm going to be around in the next week.  We are having our Minnesota grandchildren starting today.  My daughter and her husband are taking a 10th anniversary trip to Mexico and the kids are coming here for the week.  We'll have lots of fun with them.

I hope you all have an awesome Friday.



i know i can finish this

I'm slowly unpacking all my sewing/craft/knitting things.  Yesterday I pulled out my knitting that I started what seems like so long ago.

Tulip sweater 2

I couldn't find the original pattern and I started to get a bit worried.  So, I started going through some of the boxes that hold all my magazines.  I was so excited to find it.  Then I had to sit down and see if I could even remember where I left off on the pattern.  It's a 16 row pattern and if I left off in the middle I was in deep trouble, because "smart" me didn't mark which row I ended on.

   Tulip sweater3

But, "smart" me did finish the pattern the last time I worked on it...Yeah!!!!  It sure felt good to be knitting again.

Still busy around here.  Jim's making wood now.  Moving here we are trying to simplify and make do with what we have in some things.  So, instead of buying wood to make the saw horses Jim made his own out of the wood he had cut.  Some of the wood we can't burn yet, it will have to dry and some of it is dead and can be burned right away.

Making wood

Look what's on our griddle almost every morning.  Homemade Nisu french toast and pancakes.

Nisu french toast and pancakes 

The hens are doing good and we're still getting eggs everyday.  We plan to get more chicks in the spring so we'll have to make a bigger chicken coop and area for them.  I want them to really free range but we'll have to see about that.  We have quite a few coyotes around here and I'm not too sure I want my hens to be their dinner.


Life here has done a lot of things for us and slowing down seems to be one of them.  Yes we are still busy in some ways, like making wood, baking and knitting.  But those are a fun busy.

I hope you all have an awesome day today.



an early fall like day

Oh my goodness, it was a beautiful cool day today.  You could almost say it felt like fall was here.  The guy came out yesterday to give an estimate for the wood stove we are wanting to get.  I can't wait to show you, but not yet.

The nights have been really getting down and we are starting to think that when the wood stove gets here we'll need some wood to burn.  So, over the weekend we started to make fire wood.  We are wanting to clear out a few trees that are dead and in the way for the outdoor sauna that Jim plans to build.

Chopping the tree


Down tree


Lauren even helped out and seemed to enjoy it.

Lauren limbing

Three trees

Poor Sadie had to be tied up while all this was going on.  We just didn't want her getting hurt.

  Tied up sadie 

Today since it was so cool I decided to do some baking.  Oh man, did it feel good to be baking again.

  Making nisu


We had a treat tonight for dinner, I made LIVER.  I know, I know, most people don't like liver but I do.  In fact I like it so much that I'll even order it in a restaurant.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



calving time

We have many farms that raise cattle in our area and it seems that it's calving season around these parts.  I was tickled to see a baby calf nursing.  Some of the calves don't quite look like their mommas.

Cow and calf 3

This momma didn't like it that I was there taking pictures.  She took off and her baby stuck right by her side.

Cow and calf 2

This little guy seemed lost.


But, I'm guessing this is his momma that was not too far away.

Cow and calf 4

There is so much to see around here, I won't lack post material that is for sure.