weekend in the mountains
what's been happening around here

a perfect spot for the canoe

We hung up Jim's canoe that he made the first weekend that we were here at the farm.  It just fits perfectly in our log home.

Hanging the canoe 

Son-in-law Shawn helped to hang it up.

Shawn hanging the canoe 

I think it looks great hanging up.

The canoe


We are finally here.  The chickens came with us on this trip.  They seem to be doing okay.  One of the Americana's laid an egg not long after we got here, so they must not have been shocked too bad.  We still have a few things yet back in Illinois, but we'll be getting those when we go back from time to time.  It finally looks like a home compared to these pictures. 

I'm tired and there's still some work yet to do before I hit the sack tonight.