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hang it and they will come

I'm so excited.  A couple of weeks ago when our daughter Elaine and her family were visiting Gentle Hearth Farm.  Elaine and I were walking in the yard and I swear I saw a humming bird flying around.  So, last weekend I bought a humming bird feeder and hung it up.  The whole weekend I didn't see any thing but this weekend I sure did.  I was sitting on the porch and could hear a noise that was quite loud.

I looked over my shoulder and I was pumped up to see a humming bird hovering at the feeder.  The noise I heard was it's wings flapping.  I quickly ran and got my camera and waited for it to return, and return it did numerous times the whole weekend.

Humming bird

Perched humming bird

Fedding humming bird

I have more to show you but I'm also going to be really busy packing.  We plan to be almost 100% moved by this weekend.  I'll try and do some auto posts from happenings over the weekend if I have time.  But, I'm not going to be able to visit blogs too much over the next couple of weeks.

life just can't get any better

Bees and flowers

Today was my last day of working here in Illinois.  I'm taking the whole month of August off to get settled in.  I'm to report to my new job sometime in September...Yeah!!!

The gal that I share an area with at work gave me a going away party today.  She is such a sweetheart.  She bought a cake and even gave me a nice gift from Bath & Body Works.  I was pretty surprised, I never suspected.

There is so much to do in the next few weeks.  Daughter Carri and her kids are coming along with our daughter Becky to help with the packing.

Everything that is happening in our life right now just seems like it was meant to be and life just can't get any better than it already is.

We have our health, an awesome loving family and we have our faith.

Stop and smell

So, I'm going to try and be like our beautiful granddaughter here and take time to stop and smell the flowers.

more visitors

We woke up to another beautiful fog down in the valley last weekend.

  Another foggy morning 

After running to town for some groceries, company came a calling.  Our son Peter and his family came to the farm.  We took a tour and ended up in the woods.

  Seeing the woods

Then more company arrived.  It was pretty hot out and I was happy that I picked up a sprinkler for the kids.  We brought some apple trees to plant and while the guys were planting, the kids were having fun playing in the water getting wet and making mud pies.

  Afternoon fun

There are maple trees along the driveway that weren't doing too well because of the deer.  So, we did some work on them last weekend.  Would you believe that some of these trees had been planted about 6 years ago?

Maple trees

Son Pete and grandson helping to plant the apple trees.

Apple trees

We also got Jim's office made with the help of our son Josh.  I totally forgot to take pictures of them building it.  Josh and Aleena were our first overnight guests.  It was fun seeing these two in the morning.

Sleepover guests

Josh's family

We are heading to the farm again on Friday.  More company coming and things to do there.

You all have a wonderful day today.

Life is good.

our first visitors

My sister Donna and her baby came to visit last weekend on Saturday.  We had a really nice visit with her.

First visitors 

On Sunday our daughter Elaine and her family came out.  Here we are heading into the woods to check out the deer stand.

Into the woods

A look back at the house.

From the woods

Looking back 

Can you see the deer stand yet?

  Can you see it

Deer stand

Climbing up the ladder.

Climbing up

With having land you can hunt on, I think we'll be having lots of company during hunting season.  I can't wait for them all to come.



Climbing down.

Climbing down

Picking wild blackberries.  We have quite a few wild berries growing on our property.  Jared sure couldn't resist eating any.

Eating berries

It started to rain so we pulled out the Go Fish cards.

Go fish

We really had such a nice weekend last weekend.  I do have another post going from last weekend but that would mean a few more pictures so I'll leave that post for tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

Life is good.

beautiful morning in the ocooch mountains

Jim took these pictures the first morning we woke up in our new home.  There was fog down in the valley but not up on the ridge.


Fog in the valley

Jim put up our new mail box.  You can still see some of the fog down in the valley.

Mail box 

The wood post had to be planed down for the new mailbox to fit.  Jim forgot the tool to plane the wood with so he had to chisel it down by hand.  Eventually we'll have to replace the post as it is pretty rotted.


Chiseling away 

  Getting it flat

Watching Jim work I got to thinking about his tools.  Before we were married Jim made this box to hold his tools in.  I have always known this box to be called a "shoulder box".

Shoulder box

This "shoulder box" has gone with him on many a jobs when he worked in the carpentry trade and has been around a long time.


This too has been around for a long time.  This holds all the nails, screws, nuts & bolts and other odds and ends.

Naits nuts bolts screws 

I remember when we were first married I had to save many a tuna can so that he could make this.

Tuna cans

Odds and ends

This bird didn't want us down by the road, he/she keep making noises at us.


A look down our road,

Down the road

and at the hay field across the street.

Hay field

What a beautiful morning it was and I can't wait to have many more of them to wake up to.

I have more to share from our first weekend.

You all have a wonderful weekend, we are heading to Gentle Hearth today sometime so I'll see you on Monday.

the first night in our new home

Last Friday was our first night at our new home and Lauren unfortunately couldn't come because of work.  After doing what we had to do in town, we headed out to our new place which we are planning to call "Gentle Hearth Farm".

gen-tle: kindly; amiable: a gentle manner.

hearth: home; fireside: the joys of family and hearth. 

Our first meal in our new home.  It was more like camping last weekend.  I brought some things and had to make do with what we had.  The meal tasted awesome!

First meal

Then we took a walk down our road and I mean down.  We'll be living in the Ocooch Mountains.  They are really more like big hills but the Sauk people inhabited and named them the Ocooch Mountains.  We'll be living at the top of one of the mountains.

Fence line 

This farm is at the bottom and has been family owned for over 100 years...making it a century farm.

Joe and sues farm 

They raise cattle and this is just one of the beautiful farms in the area.


Wild flowers 

These guys live just across the road from us.  They were a bit skittish when I tried taking their picture.  They ran away, then this one turned around and gave me a great big stare-down.

The stare 

Our first visitor...His tail would shoot straight up whenever it heard any noise.  He doesn't have to come visit anymore.  I sure won't be offended if he doesn't.


Diane asked some questions in a previous post and even tho I answered them in an e-mail back to her I'll answer them here as well.

Question: I thought you already love where you live?

Answer:  I do, but our area has changed so much and we couldn't afford to get more land in this area.

Question: Aren't you leaving several kids that live close by? 

Answer:  Yes we are.  We'll be living halfway between our Minnesota kids and the kids here.  So, we'll be seeing our Minnesota kids and grandkids way more than we see them now.

Question: When do you move?

Answer:  We plan to move the first part of August, but we'll be heading to our new place every weekend, moving things and working on things there.

Question: I guess you will be quitting your job?

Answer: No I won't be. I work for a company contracted to do ROI (release of information) medical information for hospitals, medical clinics, doctors offices etc, all across the United States.  When I gave my resignation letter to my boss, in it I stated that I would like to continue to work for them and would there be anything available in the area where we are moving to.  She checked and gave my name and email address to the manager for that area and I almost died....There was an opening in the hospital in the town where we will be living, which is only a 15-20 minute drive to get there.  The hours and days are pretty much the same.   The float gal has been covering that facility and the manager just hasn't gotten around to posting the job yet.  So, I'll just be transferring.

The way things have been falling into place, we can't help but feel that this move was just meant to be.

dreams really do come true

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am right now.  As you all well know who read my blog, Jim and I have wanted for a long time to have our own hobby farm.  Well, that dream is starting to come true.  We have been looking for a farm of some sort since last fall.  We have been pretty picky about what we wanted.  One place might have had this and another place might have had that.  But all the places we've looked at just didn't seem right.  There wasn't that feeling of...this is it, this is the one.

Until now....The place we found doesn't have a barn of any kind on the property, but it has everything else we wanted, acreage, tillable land and trees.  Pretty much being way out in the country you could say, 15-20 minutes from town. We figure we can build a barn and any other out buildings we might need.

Driving up this road we felt like we were going home....

Going home 

Going up

Curve in road

to this.  A log home on 19 acres...10 of it wooded and 9 tillable.

Outside 7 

Outside 8

I seems like so long ago that we did this, but we made an offer on this place and the owner accepted it.  We have been working and waiting to see if we could get the financing without selling our current home.  Not an easy thing to do in this day and time.


Alfalfa field 

The view from the back deck.

Deck view

Side yard 

The woods where there are maple trees, wildflowers, raspberry bushes and wild rose bushes growing from what I could tell.

The woods

The ride down the driveway after looking at this place for a long time, I knew in my heart that this was the place for us.

The driveway

The waiting game is over....It's OURS!!!!!

So, Southwest Wisconsin here we come.  I'm happy to say we won't be dragging our youngest kicking and screaming.  She's okay with the move, but it's bittersweet for her.  She'll be leaving friends behind and starting her Senior year in a new school.  But I'm confident that she'll adjust very well.

So, for the next month it might be pretty quiet around here.  I'll try to keep you up to date with the happenings of the move.

Sometimes when a door closes another one is opening, and this door opened up wide.

ate too much this weekend

So, we had to take a walk.  We have been walking in the hot weather and it's really not too bad.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not going to make it, but I do.  It was especially nice to see all the wild flowers that I haven't seen in awhile.  It also seemed like most of the flowers were yellow ones.  It was pretty windy so it was hard to get good shots of some of the flowers.


  Wild cone flower


Jim spied some wild blackberries, so he had to help himself to some handfuls.  You could have picked a bucket full there were so many.

  Picking wild berries

  Wild blackberries

Yesterday didn't even feel like a Monday but today does.

I hope your summer is going well.