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happy monday

And a happy Monday it is.  For starters the Blackhawks won last night.  Yes, only one more to go...I wasn't even born yet the last time they won the Stanley Cup.

This is a macro shot I took of my clematis growing this year.  It seems like it's been awhile since I've done any macro shots.

Macro of a clematis 


There is so much going on here...It's busy as usual.  We did manage to get in a hike yesterday.  The view at the peak was awesome.

The peak

We hiked on a more rugged type of trail.  You can see the "Y"...We took the trail to the left and it led us into some pretty thick woods.


You can tell by this mossy fallen tree that there doesn't get much sun light.

Mossy tree

Walking through this we sure got a work out.  We passed two groups of Boy Scouts with back packs on their backs training.

Life is still pretty busy over here.  Nothing ever seems to slow down.

But, life is good and everyday we learn more and more how lucky we are.

You all have a wonderful day!