whole wheat cinnamon rolls
i'm doing a little happy dance

time is passing by

Ditch flowers

Where does the time go?  I haven't posted since Wednesday and here it is Saturday already.  How can one be so busy and there is really nothing to show for it.  I guess that's just how life is.  Jim and I have been walking almost every night.  We walk over 3 miles each time.  When we first started walking way back when, just going a half hour was a killer.  Now, a half hour is a piece of cake and doesn't even feel like we've walked at all.  I'm not looking forward to walking in the warmer weather tho and some of the places we have walked lately are pretty wooded and wet. 

  Big tree

I know those wonderful mosquitoes will be thick once they come out.  The river has been pretty flooded lately as you can see from the photo below.

Flooded river

We spied a new flower that we have not seen before.

New flower

Lots of flowers but also lots of water as well.

Wet area

Hope you all have been doing well and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.