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sprouting wheat

Jim did an experiment you could say with some wheat kernels. 

Sprouting wheat

Have you ever heard of alfalfa sprouts?  We these are wheat sprouts.  These are supposed to be very healthy for you.

Wheat sprouts

Wheat sprouts

There is a process to this but you can't let it go for too long otherwise the sprouts start growing what looks like hair and that doesn't look very appetizing.

Drying out

I had some sprouts on my salad yesterday for lunch and it was very good.

Salad sprouts

Update on how the diets going...It's only been 3 weeks and I have lost 7 pounds.  Jim and I walk just about every night for about an hour.  We walk anywhere between 2 and 3 miles depending on how long we go for.

A lot is going on right now and soon I'll let you all in on it.

You all have an awesome day today.

the loom

This loom has been in my house since the end of May March and I'm finally getting around to not only showing you it but working on it.  Too much going on around here and not enough fun.

  The loom

I'm really not sure what you would call this...a runner, piano topper...What ever it's called, it's going on the top of my piano.  Here are a few pictures to kind of show you what it's about.

The weave


Open shaft

This is definitely a fun thing to do.  This loom is not mine to keep.  It's on loan from the instructor.  How trusting is that?  All seven of us students got to take the one we worked on home.  I just hope I remember how to take it off the loom when I'm done weaving :)

the garden

Watering the garden

Jim got a cold frame to start some plants going early.  We have tomato plants in here and they are doing great.

Cold frame

A fun thing we found was some cucumbers growing too from last years planting.  I'm not sure what we are going to do with them.

Tomato plants

Brussels sprouts and snap peas.

Brussel sprouts 

Our onions are growing great.


It'll be interesting trying to keep these dogs out of the gardens.

3 dogs

Last night we headed for a walk down by the lake.  I have posted photos of that over at my photo blog.  It sure feels good to be walking and taking pictures again.

You all have a wonderful weekend.

new beginnings

Jim and I went for a walk last night down by the river.  It's been awhile since we walked this path, or have taken pictures.  I got my camera back yesterday and it's clean as a whistle.  No more spots. 

Yesterday I clocked in on the pedometer over 15,000 steps.  I was too pumped.  I must confess that I have joined Jenny Craig to lose some of the extra weight that has accumulated around my hips and just about everywhere else.  I wasn't sure that I was going to mention this but I'm just too excited. 

I decided to do something because no matter what I did I just couldn't get the weight to come off.  I needed a change and this change seems to be working for me right now and this woman inspired me to do this when I read an article about her losing 40 lbs.  Valerie Bertinelli also ran the Boston marathon and finished.

So new beginnings for us over here.  Seeing the new growth coming up was such a wonderful thing.  It was seeing that life moves on.

New growth 

Even tho some of the old life may still be there.

Old growth

New life is just around the corner.

Yellow growth

Over at my photo blog "through my lens", I have more shots from our walk.

You all have a wonderful day today.

jim turns 50

It's been pretty busy around here lately.  I had a "surprise" 50th birthday party for Jim over the weekend.  Jim said he had a few hints.  I guess I'm not really good at keeping secrets.  I did put 50 candles on the cake too.  His birthday is the 20th but I had the party on the weekend so that the kids could come.  We had lots of food and cooked out.


My dil made the cake.  She really should go into business making cakes.

50 cake 

The grand kids watched grandpa open up his cards and gifts.  These two boys ran and had fun the whole evening outside.  I'm sure they slept good that night.

Tired boys

Here are the two newest grand babies.

Chance on the left and Heidi on the right.

Chance & heidi

I finally got a pic of the three girls.  I did get a shot of all of us girls together but it really didn't come out too well and a few of them would be mad at me for life if I posted it.

Three girls

What a fun weekend we had and now we are babysitting one of our granddaughters for a few days.  Her mom and dad flew to Texas to look for a house to rent.  Jason graduates from NIU early May and Jim and I will be helping them move down there.  I can't wait to see what Texas is like.

I have to show you a photo of a great-niece who is going to be a flower girl in her Aunties wedding.  My niece said she tried on a flower girl dress and said "I'm a princess".  I was able to get a photo of her, tho barely, she's pretty shy.  I saw her at a baby shower I went to on Saturday for a dear long-time family friend. 


I hope you all have been doing well.  I couldn't believe it's been almost a week since I posted last.  Life just has taken some turns and it has gotten just down right busy.

You all have a wonderful Monday!

our 19th grandchild was born

Yesterday I woke up to my my son and my dil heading out the door to go have their second child.

She had the baby at the hospital where I work and would you believe that I forgot to bring my camera.  By the time I clocked in I got the call that they had the baby.

It was a boy!

Chance Philip 7lbs 14oz 19in



This was taken from my cell phone but I had to wait until my e-mail received it so I could post it.

I was excited to get to hold this bundle of joy on my break.

happy monday

I hope you all have been doing good.  I walked around the yard this weekend and took a few shots.


My hyacinths in bloom.

Milkcan with hyacinths

We had company over the weekend and did a lot of fun things.  One thing we did was go to the Kohl Children's Museum

Olisa and her dad having a tea party.

Having tea

I shared this on Facebook and thought I would share it here.

This granddaughter asked me, "Don't you love big girls that are three?"

Olisa Jean

You all have a happy Monday!

midweek wednesday

I totally forgot to show you the dolphin that was made out of shells we found.  Walking down the beach one evening we came upon this.  Someone really did a lot of work on this and did a really nice job.

Shell dolphin

The sand dollars and star fish that we found.  Stay tuned for the post on our sand dollar trip.  The sand dollars were the highlight of our trip.

Sand dollars

I still don't have my camera back yet.  I hope it doesn't take too much longer.  I haven't been doing any sewing or knitting.  I just don't seem to be picking it up right now.  Too much other things going on.

We did some planting already, onions and radishes, or I should say Jim did some planting.  Jim also planted some wheat and corn.  He hopes to be able to grow it, harvest it and then grind it himself, instead of buying it.  It will be interesting to see how this will turn out.  It's not a big area in our yard.  I gave a book to him for Christmas, Homegrown Whole Grains.  Which he loved so now he's off and running.

The weather is cool again and colds are going through our house...bummer.  I hope I start to feel better soon.

You all have a wonderful day today!

it's hard to get back to things after a fun weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  We went to our Granddaughters 3rd birthday party on Saturday.  My DIL makes awesome cakes and she went all out on this one.  It was cute and delicious.

Puppy cake

Opening gifts with her cousins watching.

Opening gifts

Did I say yet that I miss my camera? I'm having a hard time with this point and shoot getting things focused.

Daughter Becky and Erin were in town for Easter and Erin is heading back home today.  Becky left yesterday as she had to work today.  It's nice having them home.

This is the first time ever that we didn't color any eggs and no one seemed to notice either.  The weather has started to get cool again after having a few awesome warm days last week.  When I get my camera back I can't wait to show you what is in my house. 

Not much else going on.  So, you all have a wonderful day today.