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sleying the reed

I haven't posted about my weaving class and how that's been going.  Before we left for Florida, this is what we did in class.

This top picture is not my work.  I didn't take my camera out until the class was almost over.  This is the start of sleying the reed.

Warp yarns

Here I've started to thread the heddles on the loom.

Threading the heddles 

A side view of the loom and how the beater is tied up to make it easier to thread the warp threads through the heddles.

Table loom side view 

Just another view.

Loom 1

At the end of the class each loom gets folded up to be put in the closet for next week.

Folded loom

Last night was my weaving class and on the way there I realized that I forgot my camera.  Last nights class would have been great to show you, because I did what was called beaming the warp.  I did start to weave and I have to say I'm very happy with the colors and pattern I picked out.

It's been busy as usual around here.  We had to put one of our hens down who was really aggressive towards the other hens to the point of drawing blood.  She was feather pecking them.  We separated the injured hen and she is now on the mend.  Soon we'll reintroduce her back to the flock.

I hope all is going well with you and I'm trying to catch up on all your blogs.

Have a wonderful St Patrick's day.

Who's having corned beef and cabbage?