we have a new granddaughter
sleying the reed


I made some scones last week that I found here on this blog.  I found the link from Dot's.  These are so yummy!


Went to Minnesota this past weekend for our daughter's 30th birthday.  She was totally surprised.
I didn't take many pictures...But, here's GeeGee blowing kisses.  We shopped, ate and visited.


Baby Heidi is doing wonderfully.  She's off the respirator and vent and only has a feeding tube right now.  I didn't take this photo...I was going to go and see her on Friday but I woke up with a cold coming on.  I didn't want to infect her or any other baby in the unit.  I'm glad I didn't go because by Saturday I did have a cold.


I've been posting more pictures of our Florida trip over at my photo blog.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.