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bird lady

This was a sight to see.

Lady bird 3 

The seagulls would land on this ladies head and she would feed them.

Lady bird 1 

Or, they would just roost on top of her head.

Lady bird 2 

I'm not really sure that this is something that I could do.

Stay tuned there's still more to come.  I'm also posting photos over at my photo blog "through my lens".



The first day we got there I couldn't believe how much there was to see and we only were at our hotel on the beach.  We had to wait to check in because our room wasn't quite ready.  So we sat on the beach.


Then we took a walk down the beach.  So many birds to see.

Waiting patiently
White bird 

Jim wanted to fish but the fishing was bad.  This guy wasn't having too much luck catching anything...But, this fellow had patiently waited all day with him hoping to get some kind of snack.

Talking to the fisherman

We loved watching these birds hunt for food along the shoreline.

Looking for food

The weather was on the cool side.  No swimming for me tho Jim went swimming one day.  I sure really couldn't complain about the weather any, because I wasn't seeing SNOW!

Sunset 1

I could get used to seeing a sunset like this.