life is quite interesting now
let's take a walk around my yard

well, i guess it's not mine anymore

I finished the hat and before it was even done my youngest decided that she liked it.  So, the wonderful mom that I am, I gave it to her.  The button is from my button tin, that came from my mom, that came from her mom.  My grandmother probably cut it off an old coat that she had

Durango hat

We are having snow, snow, snow right now and it's predicted to keep snowing until tomorrow.  The drive to and from work was very slow going and I'm glad to be home.  Jim put a fire going and it's going to be a night of relaxation and reading the new Kindle that some of the kids got us for Christmas.  So far we haven't fought over it.

Had a visitor yesterday.  Our daughter Elaine came by and she babysits for Anna who is a great niece to Jim and I.  Anna loves babies and she just loves Zoe.

Zoe and anna

Jim pulled out our Juice King juicer.  We found this juicer in an antique shop in Minnesota a few years ago.

Juicer 2 

I'm not sure if this is supposed to have a cup attached to it or if you just put your own cup underneath it.  No matter tho it works like a charm getting every bit of the juice out of an orange or grape fruit.  I would really love to know exactly how old this is.

Juice king

I hope to get some snow pictures tomorrow.  Working seems to just get in the way of my fun ;)