my vintage tree top
a trip down memory lane

the things on my to-do list are getting crossed off







My cards are written but not mailed.

I'm almost 100% done with my shopping. (since I'm not quite done I'll only cross off half)

The gifts are wrapped.  (first time ever)

Baking...I still need to get to that.

Plan the meal for Christmas Eve...(I think I have an idea for that)

Not too bad if I do say so myself.  I don't think I've missed anything.

Jim has started to work on his boat again.  Here he is...hmmm...He's going to shoot me cause I can't remember what he is doing here and I just asked him and I just took the picture.


Only that I had to help him draw the curve...I do remember that he'll cut out the drawn curve and it somehow goes in the bow of the boat...I think!  To see more of his work on the boat go HERE.  Or just click on the link at the top of my blog Jim's Work Bench.

Making the curve

Son Jason is heading back from Texas...He was flown there for a job interview.  He made it to the 3rd interview and I hope it went well.  He'll be graduating in May and hopefully he'll land this job.  I'm excited for him and Kate.  It will be a long way from home if they do move but getting that first job out of school is pretty important.  I'm going to be selfish in that I hope he gets the job just so we can go there in the cold months to visit :0

Wouldn't you?

Hope you all had a great day and that your weeks going good.