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according to my husband

The Christmas season is officially here.  Apparently is wasn't here until he could smell the smells of Christmas baking.

Prune tart 

My grandmothers wonderful prune tart recipe that I grew up eating.  My mom made these and I loved them as a child.  My dear husband loves them as well.  My youngest just loves the crust and will scrape the filling out.  I watch her like a hawk, so I can have the filling before she throws it away, and I filled these tarts with LOTS of prunes....YUM!

Tart rows

Whew!!!  My work week is over until next Monday.  Still there is lots to do. 

Our house will be busy and full again.  Our son Jake is deploying again...So, Jennie and baby Zoe will be living with us while he's gone.  They will be moving in over the next couple of days.  It'll be kind of like The Walton's, with everyone living together and helping each other out.  Just when we thought that the bedrooms were getting empty they are filling back up again.  We worried about our youngest being alone by herself after having 10 brothers and sisters slowly leave the nest over the years.  When the last sibling who was still living at home with her left to get married, the house got really quiet.  It's not easy being the youngest, and especially not when you follow behind 10 others.  So, for the next year or so we'll have the house hopping again.

It's been snowing here so I'll show you some snow shots from around the yard that I took this morning poking my head out the door.

Snowy branch 

I love taking pictures of "the duplex".  Especially in the winter.


The hens are still tucked in nice and warm.  It's pretty surprising how much they don't mind the snow.  Jim finally figured out how to keep their water from freezing.  He rigged up a homemade warmer for the water to sit on...Works like a charm.  Now to wait for that first egg to come.

Chicken coop

I hope you all have a wonderful awesome day today.

the countdown begins

A plate of cupcakes

I thought I would do a quick post this morning as I am off to work today so that I can have Christmas Eve off.  I hope all your plans and preparations are just about done.  I finished the gifts for the grand girls and these five will be given to the ones that live here.  I made a total of 7 cupcake purses and 2 have been mailed and delivered to the ones that live away.  I took the picture last night so it's a bit dark to see.

I must rush now and get ready for work.

Have a wonderful Monday today!

it's been a long week for me

Has it been for you?  Work has been crazy, crazy, crazy!!!  I have to get it in my head that I can't finish all the work in one day.  That maybe I'm expecting way too much of myself.  I'm not super woman and I'm only human.  I just can't stand that I leave something undone tho. 

So, after 3 days of crazy days at work I thought that I would do a bit of sewing.  I wanted to make an apron from the Lilly Apron pattern, but in my unorganized state of mind I couldn't find my pattern.  It bugs me that I can't find it either.  I looked high and low for it and it's nowhere to be found.  It couldn't be because my sewing room is in such a state of disarray that I can't find it now could it?  :)

So instead of making the apron I wanted to make, I pulled out my famous Church Ladies Apron that I've made sooooo many times and can sew up with my eyes closed.  I only pull out the pattern so that I can cut it out.  I do love this apron tho.  I call this one Chocolate Flowers.

Chocolate Flowers2

I still have a bit more knitting to get done for Christmas.  I like that we didn't decorate too much this year.  I love my snowman collection and I do miss having them out...But...I'm not going to miss having to put them away.

Surfing the blogs this morning I found the cutest little gingerbread houses that hang on the side of your mug of hot chocolate over at not martha.  Go and check it out...they are CUTE...CUTE...CUTE!

Today "finals" start for our High schooler.  I still at times can't believe that we only have one left in school.  Life just keeps going and going. 

I'm so excited...We are having a heat spell right now it's 30° outside.  Now that I'm talking about the weather I think it's time to end this post.

I hope you all have a super day today!

the things on my to-do list are getting crossed off







My cards are written but not mailed.

I'm almost 100% done with my shopping. (since I'm not quite done I'll only cross off half)

The gifts are wrapped.  (first time ever)

Baking...I still need to get to that.

Plan the meal for Christmas Eve...(I think I have an idea for that)

Not too bad if I do say so myself.  I don't think I've missed anything.

Jim has started to work on his boat again.  Here he is...hmmm...He's going to shoot me cause I can't remember what he is doing here and I just asked him and I just took the picture.


Only that I had to help him draw the curve...I do remember that he'll cut out the drawn curve and it somehow goes in the bow of the boat...I think!  To see more of his work on the boat go HERE.  Or just click on the link at the top of my blog Jim's Work Bench.

Making the curve

Son Jason is heading back from Texas...He was flown there for a job interview.  He made it to the 3rd interview and I hope it went well.  He'll be graduating in May and hopefully he'll land this job.  I'm excited for him and Kate.  It will be a long way from home if they do move but getting that first job out of school is pretty important.  I'm going to be selfish in that I hope he gets the job just so we can go there in the cold months to visit :0

Wouldn't you?

Hope you all had a great day and that your weeks going good.

my vintage tree top

I just love the star that sits on top of our tree.  My parents have over the years have bought and sold vintage items.  I also have a love for anything vintage.  They gave this to me a few years ago and Lauren wanted to put it on the tree this year...hmmmm....Maybe she has a secret liking to vintage things?

I've only just found this blog this morning and she's doing a Christmas Vintage Monday.  Check out the links on her blog to see some really cute Christmas vintage items.

Tree star 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend?