a cemetery visit
finally we put a fire going in the wood stove and it's 48° outside

getting ready for winter in many ways

We worked out in the yard over the weekend.  Cleaning out the gardens and adding compost to them, basically getting them ready for when it's planting time again.  Mostly Jim worked and I took pictures.

Spreading compost 

And, harvesting the last of the onions that we planted late in the season.


We also brought out the snow scoop and shovels.  We keep a shovel at every door...a tip from my dad.

Snow shovels

But, somethings not right here when we're bringing out the snow equipment and I'm seeing those wonderful SPRING flowers all over the yard...those wonderful dandelions.


Sadie girl our wonderful companion.  If we're working out in the yard she's right there with us getting in our way following us around wherever we go.  I haven't taken any pictures of her lately so I had her "stay" and she posed so cute for me.


Sadie girl

Jim went to the other side of the yard and she wanted to go and see him in the worst way...She stayed put but kept her eye on Jim the whole time just itching to take off after him.


My wonderful hens are getting so big.  I can't wait until they start to lay those eggs.

The hens

All my flowering plants are done for the year like this wild rose bush is.

Dried rose

Well that's how our weekend went.  I hope you all had a great one as well however you spent it.