i know it's fall but I can't help myself
jim's workbench

end of the week chit~chat

Where has this week gone?  It started out slow and now it's Friday already.  Work keeps me busy and I'll be picking up an extra day starting next week, which will make me even more busier. 

Our niece Laura and her husband Jeremy stopped by with their cute adorable puppy named Sophie.  They have recently moved to Indiana and were here for the weekend.


I did do some crocheting the other day and it felt good.  When I'm done with what I started, I'll share.

I will share with you a giveaway that ends today tho.  I love visiting this so inspiring blog.  Since I started working I don't get the chance to visit here as much.  I always leave feeling happy and I always leave smiling.  My blog friend Elk is having a giveaway.  Elk has opened an Etsy shop called Red or Gray Art.  Head on over there and check out this very creative beautiful lady.

It's been raining the past few days.  The grass needs to be mowed again before the snow flies and the leaves are really starting to fall on the ground.  It's time to really start to get ready for the winter around here.  The wood pile is low and needs to be replenished.  Lots to do before old man winter decides to show his face.

Fallen leaves 

Are you getting ready for winter yet?  Or have you already done that?

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to have some photos to share with you on Monday.