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okay winter, we are ready for you

a visit i'll never forget

On Saturday Jim and I woke up early and headed out the door for an outing.  I planned all along to take pictures but somehow that never did happen.  Maybe because of what happened.  Let me explain.

When we got in the car we drove North into Wisconsin.  In the afternoon, on one of the country roads we spied an Amish couple sitting in their barn.  They waved and we decided to stop.  After talking with the young couple whose names were Samuel and Salome they invited us to see their property.  It was the prettiest little farmette that you ever did see.  Going into the house was a treat.  They had their cook stove going and it was warm and toasty inside.  Even tho it was a sunny day the temps were only in the high 40's.  So a little bit of warmth in the house was needed.  Especially with the baby and the fact that the stove was their only means of cooking, a fire was needed in the stove.  A baby kitten scattered under the stove to get away from us.  Their baby was about 9 months old and would you believe I didn't get her name.

Samuel asked if we would like to take a walk.  We of course said YES.  So off we went, he with the baby in a front pack and Salome, Jim and I following on the tour of their 61 acre piece of land.  We climbed up hill to get to the sugar maple trees that were abundant on the land.  The view from the top was awesome and breathtaking.  As we walked, Samuel and Jim conversed about the land and about the poor crop that he had this year.   The one crop that did do well was onions.  He ships them out to a couple of different places. 

The property next to theirs was once the school house.  Samuel said that he had gone to school there 3rd through 8th grade.  The school house is still standing but is vacant.  Someone from town bought the place and nothing is being done with it.

Salome and I had a wonderful visit as well and talked about many things.  I learned that she crochets and is trying to learn how to knit.  Samuel and Salome were quite surprised to learn that we had 11 children.  They seemed very relaxed and open to having us visiting them.

Through the back pasture we walked up hill to a buggy path that was tree covered.  The back of their property butts up to a road where there is an entrance to the buggy path.  When Samuel went to school buggies used to line up on the path and once when their buggy was parked a picture was taken of it and was in a Wisconsin calendar a few years back.  His parents still have the calendar today.

One can never stop learning from anyone.  We learned a lot from this young couple who may be young with age, but have lots of wisdom in many areas that we know nothing about.

At the top of the hill amongst the sugar maple trees Samuel asked if I had my camera with.  I told him it was in the car.  I thought later of taking it out but decided not to.  These people opened up their home and life to us and I just didn't think it right to whip my camera out.  Their hospitality was amazing to two strangers who stopped at their home and I didn't want to spoil the time we had spent with them.