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treats and sickness

Yesterday was a busy day at work.  I left in the dark and came home in the dark...It was a long day.  But when I got home I had a couple of treats waiting for me.  I had dinner waiting for me on the table.  Because I worked late Jim made dinner and my sweet DIL made a delicious soup and sent some over for us.  What a treat to come home to...only...there's one little bitty problem.  Jim hasn't been feeling really good for the past week.  So he went to the doctors and found out he has Walking Pneumonia.  I tried telling him not to worry about dinner but would he listen?  Now do you see why I call him Mr Wonderful? 

The other treat that was waiting for me was a package that came in the mail.  I won a drawing over at Niki's and it came.  In the package was a pair of handmade beeswax candles that Niki made and they smell wonderful.  I can't wait to burn them.

Beeswax candles 

Also in the drawing Niki gave away a knitted shawl.  I am wearing it as I'm typing this.  It's so soft and cuddly.  I just love it Niki and I will think of you every time I wear it.


I got to share my breakfast with this cutie pie this morning.  Her mom had to bring her brother to the doctors because he hasn't been feeling well himself.  The kids doctor has a walk-in-clinic before office hours which is really nice.  I wish they had that when my kids were small.  I hope he doesn't have the same thing as his grandpa does.


What a wonderful way to spend my morning.  I hope you are all well and healthy and are not dealing with any sickness.

You all have a wonderful weekend.

okay winter, we are ready for you


We had two loads of wood delivered today.  We ordered some last year from the same guys.  Because we are a re-peat customer we got a discount off the price.  The price is pretty cheap anyway.  The only thing wrong with the wood is that they cut the length a bit too long.  So, some of the really big logs won't fit in our wood stove.  To solve that problem we cut most of the logs in half.

So, I did the cutting. 

Cutting wood 

And, Jim did the stacking.


I noticed today that one of our trees is turning orange.  This particular tree has always turned yellow and for some reason this year it has decided to turn orange.  I'm hoping that it will turn completely orange before the leaves start to fall off.

Orange tips 

The hens...Not much to say about them only that they're getting big. 

The hens

I've been working on some knitted Christmas gifts for the grand-girls.  I can't show them yet because some of my grand-kids look at my blog with their mom.  But, now that school started I'm not sure how much they look anymore...I just don't want to take the chance tho.  So, I'll show them after Christmas.

It's pretty busy around our homestead here.  There's never a dull moment.

a visit i'll never forget

On Saturday Jim and I woke up early and headed out the door for an outing.  I planned all along to take pictures but somehow that never did happen.  Maybe because of what happened.  Let me explain.

When we got in the car we drove North into Wisconsin.  In the afternoon, on one of the country roads we spied an Amish couple sitting in their barn.  They waved and we decided to stop.  After talking with the young couple whose names were Samuel and Salome they invited us to see their property.  It was the prettiest little farmette that you ever did see.  Going into the house was a treat.  They had their cook stove going and it was warm and toasty inside.  Even tho it was a sunny day the temps were only in the high 40's.  So a little bit of warmth in the house was needed.  Especially with the baby and the fact that the stove was their only means of cooking, a fire was needed in the stove.  A baby kitten scattered under the stove to get away from us.  Their baby was about 9 months old and would you believe I didn't get her name.

Samuel asked if we would like to take a walk.  We of course said YES.  So off we went, he with the baby in a front pack and Salome, Jim and I following on the tour of their 61 acre piece of land.  We climbed up hill to get to the sugar maple trees that were abundant on the land.  The view from the top was awesome and breathtaking.  As we walked, Samuel and Jim conversed about the land and about the poor crop that he had this year.   The one crop that did do well was onions.  He ships them out to a couple of different places. 

The property next to theirs was once the school house.  Samuel said that he had gone to school there 3rd through 8th grade.  The school house is still standing but is vacant.  Someone from town bought the place and nothing is being done with it.

Salome and I had a wonderful visit as well and talked about many things.  I learned that she crochets and is trying to learn how to knit.  Samuel and Salome were quite surprised to learn that we had 11 children.  They seemed very relaxed and open to having us visiting them.

Through the back pasture we walked up hill to a buggy path that was tree covered.  The back of their property butts up to a road where there is an entrance to the buggy path.  When Samuel went to school buggies used to line up on the path and once when their buggy was parked a picture was taken of it and was in a Wisconsin calendar a few years back.  His parents still have the calendar today.

One can never stop learning from anyone.  We learned a lot from this young couple who may be young with age, but have lots of wisdom in many areas that we know nothing about.

At the top of the hill amongst the sugar maple trees Samuel asked if I had my camera with.  I told him it was in the car.  I thought later of taking it out but decided not to.  These people opened up their home and life to us and I just didn't think it right to whip my camera out.  Their hospitality was amazing to two strangers who stopped at their home and I didn't want to spoil the time we had spent with them.

she loves them!!!!!

Wrist warmers

Ta da!!!  Here is what I started the other day.  Lucy over at Attic 24...Which by the way is an awesome blog...Had a post about wrist warmers she had made.  I totally fell in love with them and had to make a pair.  I thought of my youngest since she complained about her hands being cold when pumping gas the other day.  I didn't add a scallop edge like Lucy did...I was a tad too lazy.  I was excited that she liked them...I figured that if she didn't I would keep them for myself.  Now I'll have to make me a pair.

jim's workbench

Stanley 45

My husband Jim has started a flickr account.  It is called Jim's Workbench.  There you will see the progress of the boat he is making and possibly other projects to be made down the road when the skiff is done.  Head on over and check it out.  If you want to keep up with the progress of it, I have a link tab at the top of my blog.

end of the week chit~chat

Where has this week gone?  It started out slow and now it's Friday already.  Work keeps me busy and I'll be picking up an extra day starting next week, which will make me even more busier. 

Our niece Laura and her husband Jeremy stopped by with their cute adorable puppy named Sophie.  They have recently moved to Indiana and were here for the weekend.


I did do some crocheting the other day and it felt good.  When I'm done with what I started, I'll share.

I will share with you a giveaway that ends today tho.  I love visiting this so inspiring blog.  Since I started working I don't get the chance to visit here as much.  I always leave feeling happy and I always leave smiling.  My blog friend Elk is having a giveaway.  Elk has opened an Etsy shop called Red or Gray Art.  Head on over there and check out this very creative beautiful lady.

It's been raining the past few days.  The grass needs to be mowed again before the snow flies and the leaves are really starting to fall on the ground.  It's time to really start to get ready for the winter around here.  The wood pile is low and needs to be replenished.  Lots to do before old man winter decides to show his face.

Fallen leaves 

Are you getting ready for winter yet?  Or have you already done that?

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to have some photos to share with you on Monday.

i know it's fall but I can't help myself

I just had to post a picture of the bouquet of roses that I got on Saturday.  Such a sweet husband that I have.  Flowers just seem to brighten up things...Don't they?

Birthday bouquet

Gosh, it seems like it's been ages since I've blogged.  I knew that when I started working that I might not be getting on here as much, or visiting blogs as much...Sorry...I try to visit when I can.

Life just keeps going.  I'm still enjoying my new job and hopefully by the end of the month I'll be done with training and on my own.  Yesterday I did all the work myself.  Lisa, the gal training me was there and usually we would do the work together.  But yesterday I was on my far so good.

I haven't been picking up the needles lately, it seems I just can't find the time to sit down.  Not even in the evenings can I find the time.  Today tho, after doing some office work I am going to park myself in the lazy boy and knit.  I think I can have a knitting kind of day for myself once in a while.  And, today's the day for that.

The rooster boys are getting pretty big and plump.  It's getting closer to the time that we'll be butchering them.  Yes, we are going to do it ourselves.  Do we know what we're doing?  NO, but we'll figure it out.

Chicken dinner

One or two of them are starting to crow and it's hilarious.  It's not really a crow...It reminds me of when a boy's voice starts to change.  It's all awkward and such.  The first time one tried to crow the other 8 took off so fast back into the coop.  They didn't quite know what to think of the sound that came out of their coop mate.  Hey, that might be a good post, a video of one crowing.

I better get moving, I hope you all have a wonderful day today.

busy times here at the homestead


We woke up this morning to a bit of frost on the ground.  Later my daughter pointed out the steam coming off the playhouse.  It looked like there was smoke coming out of the chimney...but, there is no chimney.

Another busy weekend comes to an end.  It was our fall services weekend, plus our daughter Carri came down with her kids for a long weekend, plus someone in our house had a birthday...All this rolled into one weekend...Whew!!

Jim started another wood working project. 


He's making another boat.  He's already made a canoe. But, I can't recall what type this boat is going to be.



I'll keep you posted as the boat starts to take shape.

I hope you all have had a nice weekend.  I'm going to relax the rest of the day.  I have a book that is calling me.

fall colors around the yard

On Monday I babysat our Grandson while his mom and dad took his sister to the doctors.  He loves to go outside and see the chickens and roosters.


As we were walking around the yard I took some photos of the changing leaves.





Of course I had to take a picture of Beverly, she has quite a bit of color as well.


How are the colors in your area?  Are they still changing or are they all done?  I just love this time of year.  A few years back I took some horticulture classes at the local college.  I actually have one more class to go and I will have my floral design certificate...anyway...The floral class that I was taking, the instructor owned a floral shop.  She told a story about how a customer wanted a fall floral bouquet.  So, she made one and had the colors of yellow, orange and red.  Do you know that the customer brought it back and demanded that she do it over again.  My instructor asked what the problem was, and was told that she wanted the "red" flowers taken out, that red did not represent FALL.


I don't know about you but this looks red to me.

thou shalt not covet

Ever since I saw this fabric over at Thimbleanna's.  I have been covetously wanting it.  Lo and behold I have found some thanks to my DIL.  There's not much of it mind you, but enough to do something with it.  The only thing is I want to use this fabric wisely.  Growing up I had a bike similar to these...basket and all.

Pink bike fabric

I didn't do any sewing last weekend, I did some knitting instead.  Does it look like a cupcake yet?  Well it's going to be.   I sure didn't get a whole lot done on it.  It seemed like things keep cropping up that I had to do.  It's a good thing that you can put knitting down so easily.

Blue cupcake

We are heading out tomorrow after work to Minnesota for Grandparents Day with the grandchildren there. The car is where I get a lot of knitting done, especially on a long trip.

As I was uploading my photos on to the computer a few pictures I didn't take popped up.  My sneaky husband took some pictures as I was cleaning the chicken coop the other day.

Cleaning the coop

You all have a wonderful day and I hope your weekend will be a wonderful one too.