the moon...a star...and babies
the iron range

we seem to have a mean one in the bunch

One of the roosters is pretty feisty.  Every day we put the chickens and roosters outside for the day.  When it's time to bring them back in, one rooster will peck and bite Jim just about every time he tries to pick them up.

Do you think it could possibly be this guy?  Just check out that stare.  He's the biggest one in the bunch and sits up on top the water and feeder it seems like the most.  Trying to establish who's the king rooster I'm guessing.

The stare

The roosters are already starting to get their combs.  Our grand kids just love helping with them when they're over.

Mr mean 

We have named our hens and the last one named was named by our granddaughter.  So each time we go to pick them up I'll call them by name...Except the roosters, they don't have a name. But, sometimes when we pick up the roosters and put them in the container that we use to carry them back to the brooders, I'll say "Hello Chicken fingers", "Hello Baked Chicken" etc.  One day our grandson was helping and when he heard me say this he said "and this one's soup" to the last one getting put in the container.  He caught on right away.

Here's my girls...

Back row is...Blanche, Beverly, Buffy

Middle row is...Hazel (this one our granddaughter named)

Front row the black ones are...(facing right) Suzie Q, (facing left) Matilda

The gals 

I can tell them apart because each one has it's own look.

We'll be putting the chickens out in the coop when we get back from our trip.

You all have a wonderful day today and I'll be back next week.