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the iron range

We had a wonderful time up in Northern Minnesota.  This area is know to have the largest deposit of iron ore in the United States, and the locals call this area "The Range".


This is a former part of the open pit mine that is now stocked with fish and the water is 250 ft deep in places.

Mine pit

You can see here the mine being worked.


Jim and I spent the weekend with these wonderful people Emil and Dorothy.  We had such a wonderful time visiting with not only these two but many others.


Jim loved this sauna.  It's an old fashioned sauna that is heated with wood with no running water.  The water comes from the hose that is sticking through the side of the sauna.  This is what you would call a true Finnish Sauna.  This sauna was actually built before their house was built.  They were living in the basement while the house was being built.

There's a cute story to go with this sauna.  Dorothy and her kids decided one day when Emil was at work that they were going to build the sauna.  So they set out and started digging the trench for the foundation.  It ended up being the perfect spot for the sauna and this is where it got built.

Wood sauna

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Ours went by too fast and now the week has already started and Monday is almost over.  I'll be showing you something else that we got to see on our trip to the iron range.  But, that will have to be for another day.