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canning weekend

the coop is done

Chicken coop

The hens and roosters are both officially outside now.  We decided not to make a permanent chicken coop and went with a chicken tractor.  That way we can move it around the yard.  Jim did an awesome job making the coop and he even made the wheels.

Chicken coop 2


The roosters are in a temporary place so that they can get nice and plump.  They really love it outside.

Rooster pen2

Rooster pen

The hens are starting to understand that when it starts getting dark they have to go in the house.  The first two nights were very interesting trying to get them to go in the coop.  But, I think they understand now.  Tonight we had to get some things from Farm & Fleet, but the hens were still out.  By the time we got back it was dark out and when I checked on them they were all tucked in tight for the night.  Whew!!!!  I sure didn't want to loose any sleep worrying about them being outside all night.