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the coast is clear

At least I think it is.  I couldn't post the baby blanket that I've been knitting because the ones who will be getting it read my blog and they are on their way here...and...I couldn't post it because I just finished it.  I know I'm such a bad knitter.

Zoe blanket

Now that I have this done I can start on my other projects.

potholder swap

Potholder swap

This summer I was in a potholder swap.  There were supposed to be 10 of us in it but there ended being only 6 of us.  I was so excited to get the package.  So out with the old potholders and in with the new ones.

another labor day weekend comes to an end

What did you do for Labor Day?  Our two daughters who live in Minnesota came down for a visit.  We had a bonfire here on Saturday night.  That was a blast!  We roasted hot dogs, made S'more's and played games around the fire.


Close enough

Doing some visiting::


Playing Bocce Ball::

Playing games 

Later after every one was stuffed from eating too much, we sat around the fire and played some games and Jim told the kids a couple of stories about Br'er Rabbit.  I think I enjoyed them just as much as the kids did.

Weekend re-cap and what's happening for the week.

  • This morning Jim went golfing with 3 friends
  • We have been working on the chicken coop and we're almost done with that.
  • This week I have to get a lot done before I start work on Thursday. 
  • We are also getting company in from North Carolina. Jake, Jennie and baby Zoe are heading here this week.  We haven't seen the newest grandchild yet and we're pretty excited about that.
  • Erin did get her Italian Beef and Becky asked for Brats on the grill. 

That's pretty much what happened around here.  The girls went back to their homes this afternoon,





It will be quiet around here again for a short time.

there's nothing like licking the spoon

When mom makes scotcharoos.  This is where we ended up when we got out of dodge last weekend.  We went to see our Minnesota grand-kids.

Cleaning the pot

Sunday was a beautiful day so we ended up grabbing some burgers and eating at a park along the Mississippi river.

Getting some grub 

Our two big girls who live in the cities, came out for the night and spent the day with us.

Big girls

Hanging ten 



Big swing

Swinging twosome


Playing by the river 

River edge 

A beautiful way to end a nice weekend away.

a substitute grandpa and chicken update

Subsitute grandpa

Our great-niece Anna, who seems to like her Uncle Jim.

Life here on the homestead is still hopping.

Fall/Autumn has arrived in our area with the decorations out and new look along with a new banner to the blog.

Fall display

The chicks are getting so big now.  This is what they looked like before we got out of Dodge.  We let them outside on warm days penned up in a chicken tractor.  Can't have the hawk getting them.


Or Sadie for that matter...We don't quite trust her just yet, she seems a little too interested in them.


Keeping sadie out

These are how they looked after we came back.  They've grown haven't they?  They're getting feathers and really starting to look like chickens and roosters.



These two trying to show each other who's boss.

Who's king


Here's a rooster who's getting his feathers, but still has some of his fuzz yet.  I'm trying not to get attached to the roosters, as they won't be with us too long.


Not much longer and they will be outside all the time.  It's such a  blast watching them.

heading down the road

After we left Hannibal we just followed the road. 


You just never know what you're going to see.


Oh man, we should have stopped.


Amish country.

Amish family

Yum!!!  Sonic!


I'll show you were the road lead us to tomorrow.

we interrupt our current post

Do you remember this, where I was asking for good luck wishes?  Well, I have been looking for a job and that day I was going on an interview.  Since that interview I have actually been on 2 others.  Yesterday I went on one and today they called to see if I was still interested in the job...You bet I was.  It's a part-time job working in Medical Records doing ROI...Release of Information.  It's only 2 days a week but hey, I'm not complaining.  I haven't heard on the first interview that I went on but that one was for 3rd shift in a Critical Care Unit.  I'm pretty excited...Can you feel me grinning from ear to ear?

the trek up to the lighthouse

We started down at the bottom.

Shop window

We had to climb up this first flight of stairs.


Then a second flight of stairs.


To a third flight of stairs.


and finally a fourth flight of stairs.


To see this...


and the view from the top.

Up top 

If I had seen this on our way up instead of when we came back down, I'm not so sure I would have made the trek.


We didn't stop to pick up our Survivors Award...Tho I think we should have, now I'll be wondering what it was.

missouri here we come

We had no idea where we were going when we got out of dodge on Friday.  We did know that we wanted to head to Missouri.  Looking on the map we saw that we were going to be heading into Hannibal which is the home town of Samuel Langhorne Clemens better known as Mark Twain.  It was raining cats and dogs along the way, but by the time we got to Missouri the rain had stopped.

City limit

Mark twain 

Wagon ride 

A tribute

After our long hike up to the light house we were pretty hungry.  I'll post our trek to the lighthouse later.  We always find a place that is a hometown restaurant or a chain that we don't have in our area.

Ole planters

They smoked their own meat in this restaurant.  You could just tell by the smell in the restaurant.  The aroma was so good that I had to have the BBQ special and I was not disappointed.  This I have to say was the best BBQ sandwich I have ever had.


We took a walk around town and ended up on the dike.  I never even took a picture of the river..I'm not sure what I was thinking.

On the dike 

Down below

Hannibal also had a cute quilt shop, so I went in the shop and Jim found a book store.  I didn't buy any fabric but I did manage to find some patterns. 

After our little bit of shopping we got in our car and kept on going down the road.