the coast is clear
the moon...a star...and babies

has it really been 5 days?

First off, I started my new job last Thursday and it was great.  Still have a lot to learn but I'm really going to like it...and...If I want, after I get the job down pat, I can pick up more hours.

On Friday, my sister and three of my dil's headed to Shipshewana for the night.  We stayed in a nice B&B.  The room we had was the "dorm" room and it slept 9.



Jake and Jennie came in on Wednesday.  Jennie had a job interview at a local hospital and got the job.  On Friday they went hunting for a house to rent and they found one.  When they get home they will be packing up and heading right back.

We had Zoe's baptism at our house on Sunday afternoon.

The parents 

The god parents 

It's been busy around here and this weekend we are taking off again to go to the Iron Country.  Life just never slows down.

The chicken and roosters are getting pretty big now.  Jim has the coop almost done and next week when we get back they'll be having a new home.  All the grand kids love helping to take care of them when they are over.

With me working now I'm not so sure you'll be seeing as many posts as you have in the past...But, we'll see.

You all have a wonderful day!