the coop is done
we went apple picking

canning weekend

It 'twas a busy weekend.  Friday afternoon I canned 6 quarts of stewed tomatoes.  I was able to add onions and peppers from our garden.  The only thing I did add that we didn't grow was celery.  We still have some green tomatoes that I'm hoping will ripen, but I'm not counting on that happening.  The nights are starting to get into the 50's and next week we'll be seeing some 40's. 

2nd batch

We found a way to use our apples.  We sprayed our trees and thinned as much as we could and still our apples were not the greatest.  But, we found something that we could use to help, and that is a Mehu-Liisa Steamer Juicer and Food Steamer.  It came Friday afternoon so we decided to try it out that night.  So, in the pouring down rain, Jim went out and gathered all the wind-fallen apples.  One of the recipes says it's okay to use wind-fall apples


We cut the apples up and filled the steamer basket up to the brim.  Then we sprinkled about 1/4 cup sugar over the top.

Apple juice1

We put the lid on and waited for the juice to come.

Apple juice 3

And it did.

Apple juice4

The apples really sunk down as the juice was steamed out of them.

Apple juice5

Here it is, the finished product. 

Apple juice

Then on Saturday morning we were up pretty early (5:00 a.m.) so Jim and I made 2 1/2 quarts more of apple juice and then I canned another 7 quarts of stewed tomatoes.

Stewed tomatoes and apple juice

Our neighbor brought over some beans so Jim and I canned 18 pints and froze 3 quarts.  We used the Mehu-Liisa on the ones we froze because we ran out of lids for the jars.  We have lots of canning jars because Jim used to can most of the salmon he caught.  In fact when I cleaned out the pantry I threw out some canned salmon from 2003.  I was very surprised that it didn't smell as I was emptying the jars after all this time.

Canned beans

So in all, we canned 30 1/2 quarts. It sure feels good to see these jars sitting on my counter waiting to be put in the pantry to be enjoyed during the winter months.

This was my weekend so far, how is yours?