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we got out of dodge

This past weekend we headed out and ended up in a couple places.  Later I'll let you know where we went.  I have a lot to do after being gone.  Office work today and I have to check more of the rooster party and blogs that I read.  So being Monday it's going to be busy busy busy.


You all have a wonderful day today and I'll see you later.

it's time for a Rooster Party

Rooster calendar 28

My Rooster calendar has the day marked because Barb over at Bella Vista is hosting the Rooster Party.  I have a few that I can show you.  Most of my roosters have a mate so they'll be coming to the party too.  If you want to see more Roosters being displayed head on over HERE.

Part of this display is in my blog banner.  This is on the top of the bookcase in my living room.


Around my kitchen you will find roosters and some are very useful.


Rooster napkin holder

Sitting on my window sill above my kitchen sink.

Rooster wagon


You will also find them sitting on shelves around my kitchen as well.

Rooster and hen 


My handy husband made me a narrow shelf just above my cupboards to display my roosters.

Collage 1


Rooster pair 




My dad walked in my house last week with this cute pair and just in time for the party.  I put them on top of my curio cabinet.


This was fun and I hope you enjoyed the Rooster Party at my blog.

the journal


We have a journal that my husband started back on January 2, 1998.  It's about family stories.  Some are stories of our ancestors and some are stories of the kids growing up, and some entries are of Jim's thoughts.

Page 1

Inside the journal you will find a picture of the house we raised our kids in.

Page 2

Also you will find an introduction or message to our kids.

Page 3 

I recently picked the journal up because it was not in it's usual place, which is in the drawer of the table that sits beside Jim's chair in the living room.  I started reading the entries for the millionth time and laughed and cried all over again. 

I read an entry about our youngest and I was laughing so hard, I called her down to find out if she remembered the story that was written about her.  She did, and she was the one who had taken the journal out of it's place.  She was reading it and wondered why her Dad hasn't written in it in so long?   I told her to ask her Dad that question.

I wonder who will get this book when Jim and I are gone?  Lauren said she wants the book and mentioned that a few others want it too.  Maybe they'll have to make copies for everyone.

I think I will always laugh and cry no matter how many times I read this journal.

wish me luck

I don't want to jinx myself so I can't say anything...just wish me luck.

Ripe tomato

ETA:Thanks for the Good Luck wishes....I still don't want to jinx myself but I'll let you know eventually why I've been needing the wishes.

chicken talk

The girls are getting bigger and bigger by the day.  We have to keep the lid on the top of the brooder because they are starting to not only fly but get up on top of the feeder.  Their feathers are starting to come in and each one also has their own look.

The girls

The boys are getting bigger too.  We're trying to fatten them up but they don't seem to be growing as fast as the girls are.  Their feathers are slowly coming in.

The boys 

We had company this weekend so the house was really busy, more so than usual.  It was nice having the house full again.  I've been trying to finish up a knitting project so that I can start on a couple of others that I have in mind.  I guess I just have to learn to knit faster. 

I have been enjoying the cool weather that we have been having.  It's so nice to wake up to cooler mornings...Not to mention sleeping with the temps down in the 50's...Talk about heaven.

Fall is coming...Yeah!!!


is it true? could i really be one?


The picture doesn't really have anything to do with this post, only that it's a farm field.  I spied this guy along with about 10 others sitting along the side of the road at lunch time taking a break from working in the fields.  Everyone of them had a hat on to keep the sun off.  I thought it was a neat picture. 

I've been busy doing some sewing and keeping watch on the hens and roosters.  It's so much fun watching them.  I can't wait until they can go outside and I can see them in the yard.  Shari is right in her comment...I am starting to be a real farm girl and I love it.  On Laurens birthday someone asked what else are we going to get?  I think I surprised some of them when I said that I wanted to get a steer to raise for beef.  We can't because we don't have the room...but if we did...I would.

They must think their mom has gone plain loco...and maybe I have :)

You all have a wonderful day today.

garden fresh stewed tomatoes and salsa

I got 4 quarts of stewed tomatoes out of the tomatoes I picked from our first official harvest.  I am so excited and I can't wait to do more.  Everything in the stewed tomatoes is from our garden.

Stewed tomatos

Then I made some salsa.  Thimbleanna mentioned to me that Randi at i have to say had posted a salsa recipe, so I used hers.  It is very very good.  As you can see this is all that is left of it.


We planted 21 tomato plants and next year I really want to double that.  I can tell that I'm not going to get the amount of canned tomatoes that I had hoped for.  But, what I am getting I'm going to enjoy.

The chicks are doing great.  We separated the hens from the roosters.  At first they weren't sure what was going on and when I went to check on them this is what I found...One of the Buff Orpingtons fast asleep on the jar that I put in the corner.  The jars are to keep the chicks from smothering each other in the corners.  I couldn't find anything else to put there and these seem to work pretty good.


School started yesterday for our youngest.  I still can't believe that she's a Junior in High School and is driving now.  No more going through drivers ed for us.  I never ever thought that this day would ever come...but it has.

our first harvest

First harvest

Yesterday for dinner I thought a nice juicy tomato would be good sliced up with the dish that I made.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how many ripe tomatoes there were.  So later in the evening I took a bushel basket and picked all the ripe ones. 

I'm searching for a good recipe and this site looks pretty good.  I can't wait to get started canning. 

I have to say that a tomato has never tasted so good.  There's just something about growing your own food.