we took a side trip on our way home
have you ever seen a lotus bed?

the farm chicks rock

Farmchicks cookbook

For my sons wedding rehearsal dinner the girls made bars and cookies.  I was trying to find a recipe that I have never made before.  I reach for The Farm Chicks..."Country Living The Farm Chicks In The Kitchen" cookbook and found a quick recipe to make...nancy's nutmeg coffee cake...and it was out of this world.  I did have to substitute pecans for the walnuts because I did not have any on hand.


Mine of course did not look like the cake in the book...But, it was still wonderful.


As I posted before this is a wonderful book not only for the recipes, and the first one I made turned out to be a yummy one.  One that I will definitely make again, but it's also a wonderful read as well.

Life on the homestead is still busy...We bought some blueberry bushes last night and I can't wait until they start producing fruit.  We also planted a couple of grape vines last week.  Jim will be making a fence of some sort for them to climb on.  The asparagus is doing great despite the flooding, and all 50 plants have sprouted.  I think we might have gotten a few more because last count there were 51 or 52 plants.  Each plant has 2 or more shoots coming out of them.  Yippee!!!!!

Today I'm heading out to the raspberry bushes, as I want to get to the ripe ones before the birds do.  This year I'm hoping to get enough for a pie.  I planted 2 black berry bushes and they are going to produce some berries this year.  Another Yippee!!!!!.  I hope to get a few more this weekend as I'm sure they will be just about giving them away.  My favorite store had some still the other day.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today.  I have lots to do on my to do list.